Monique Bogni is a certified nutritionist and health coach who has a passion for helping people rethink the way they eat and use food as a tool to become healthier and happier in their everyday lives. She is a strong believer in the power of diet to restore balance in the body to holistically address chronic pain and a variety of other health issues. Monique’s approach to helping people heal is rooted in the idea that everyone can take control of their own health – she doesn’t simply prescribe solutions, but works to empower people and give them the confidence to make the best decisions for themselves. Monique was raised on healthy food and had an interest in the effects of diet for most of her life. This was one factor that eventually led to her attending the Natural Healing Institute of Naturopathy to study clinical nutrition, gaining her certification in 2013. She went on to study health coaching at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Monique has synthesized this background, as well as specialized chef’s training, into Naughty Food Made Nice, a brand dedicated to offering people healthy and delicious alternatives to classic comfort foods, which she created in 2015. She joined the team at Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine in 2022. Having seen the benefits of a healing diet firsthand as well as through the experiences of her clients, she is excited to apply these principles to overcoming chronic pelvic pain and dysfunction. When not helping her clients, Monique enjoys traveling, beach days, cooking for her friends, and playing with her two cats.

Why did you become a nutritionist/health coach?

I’ve always been passionate about healthy eating, and when I started dealing with some of my own health issues I began to really research and look into eating habits and the way they can affect your overall health. By making changes to my diet I lost weight, reduced my symptoms, and majorly improved my energy levels. It made me aware of the ways that not eating well had affected me. I realized that I wanted to do this for other people – help them figure out what works best for them.

What are the goals of your approach to health coaching?

I like to start by getting a sense of people’s relationships with food throughout their lives. Usually when people start seeing me for nutrition and coaching, they’ve already tried a lot of things in the past, so I like to start by getting a sense for what their diet has been like throughout their lifetimes, what food intolerances they may have, symptoms, and what their main health goals are. It’s important to me to understand my clients’ relationship to food first and foremost. From there the goal is to help people heal and feel better, not just learning what and what not to eat but also gaining confidence, removing guilt around food, and becoming empowered to heal themselves. A lot of diets focus on weight loss as the end-all be-all, but to me it’s not so much the goal as a natural result of improving your health.

What is your favorite part of your job?

It makes me really happy when I’m able to put people on a trajectory towards healing. I love it when I share some information with someone and then further down the line they come back and tell me that it changed their life. I also just really like sharing recipes with people and really blowing their minds with how good eating healthy can actually taste.

What’s something you would like people to know about diet & pelvic health?

Food can be such an important tool in healing pelvic pain. Diet is very often linked to pelvic pain and pelvic health symptoms, and anti-inflammatory foods can make a really massive difference in rebalancing and healing the body.

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