Painful Erection / Painful Ejaculation Video Transcription

Male patients can experience pain during erection or ejaculation or pain post erection or ejaculation. Painful erection and painful ejaculation quite often comes from inflammation around the nerves that are involved in the process. There are multiple reasons they could be inflamed. Sometimes there is scar tissue around where the nerves flow from a previous surgery, such as an inguinal hernia repair or sometimes it’s purely from the persistent pelvic floor muscle spasms that ultimately lead to inflammation around those nerves involved in the erection and ejaculation process that causes the pain. We do see quite a bit of erectile dysfunction when patients do present with pain with intercourse to us. Trigger points in the muscles are nodules in the muscle fibers and these nodules can restrict the blood flow, essentially, in the surrounding tissue. And this restriction of blood flow ultimately proliferates in inflammatory cascade, which can lead to inflammation around the nerves and pain with erection and ejaculation.