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Gabrielle Daniel, MD

Dr. Gabrielle Daniel, MD, is a trained physiatrist with a strong background in non-narcotic pain relief for patients suffering from a variety of chronic pain conditions. A second-generation physician, Dr. Daniel completed a four-year Medical Doctorate at Howard University College of Medicine before going on to finish her internship and residency in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. Her experience, both as a consultant for National Health Rehabilitation and as an inpatient physiatrist at Christus Trinity Clinic in Texas, has had a strong focus on creating individualized care plans to help patients maximize function and mobility with minimal pain symptoms.

Dr. Daniel’s approach emphasizes the importance of trust and communication between patient and provider, helping her patients understand their options and making it clear that they are in control through every step of their treatment. She places a very high value on the comfort and happiness of her patients, and on providing treatments that bring noticeable results and concrete improvements to their quality of life.

On her own time, Dr. Daniel enjoys lifting weights, traveling, and learning new languages. A major music-lover, she plays both piano and viola and goes to the symphony when she can.

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Why did you become a doctor?

I initially went to medical school because I believe that everyone has a right to healthcare. I thought it was important to give help to people who are more at risk and less able to help themselves. My original plan was to be a general practitioner but after researching different fields during school I really identified with the ways physiatry can help improve patients’ lives.


What are the goals of your approach/treatment/program?

When I speak to my patients, I try to approach them at their level and explain everything in direct terms that they can easily understand, without blinding them with medical jargon. My emphasis is on serving the patient, which means making sure that they feel in control and fully understand the treatment process. I believe that nothing is more important to the doctor-patient relationship than trust.


What is your approach to pelvic pain?

I think it’s hugely important to keep an open mind. When you work with people who are dealing with pelvic pain, you’re likely to hear a lot of unusual stories and encounter dysfunctions and issues that many people may feel embarrassed discussing. I don’t ever want anyone to feel judged or insecure about seeking help.


What is your favorite part of your job?

Being able to help someone have a better quality of life. It’s an incredibly gratifying feeling, and I also really enjoy working with and getting to know people on a personal level. Sometimes I will encounter patients who haven’t been able to get help anywhere else, and it feels wonderful to be able to offer them hope.


What’s something you would like people to know about pelvic health?

The pelvis is a body part just like a hand or an ankle, and when it hurts it needs to be taken care of. Pelvic problems can often be very sensitive, but we should not have to be embarrassed or insecure about discussing any medical issue we may have.


How would you define patient care?

I think it’s extremely important to treat the entire patient, and not just the many ways that different parts of our body can affect our physical health, but also the impact that our mental health can have on the recovery process. Every part of the equation is important to take into account when designing a treatment plan.


Do you do any non-profit or philanthropic work?

Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc.
Daughters of Diaspora
African Health Now



Dr. Gabrielle Daniel, MD, graduated from North Carolina State University in 2010 with a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition Science. Then proceeded to medical school at Howard University College of Medicine. She then pursued her residency at the University of Pennsylvania Health System.


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Our Philosophy

At Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine, we look at things differently. We consider the patient as a whole person, and we focus on the pelvic region because it’s the central core of your body. The pelvis is one of the primary regions in your body that helps your muscles, nerves, organs, ligaments and bones work together as a unified organism.

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The health and safety of our patients and employees is Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine’s top priority. While remaining open, our Team is strictly adhering to the recommendations offered by the CDC, and our disinfecting policies are meticulously executed in each of our offices. We assure you a healthy, safe environment while bringing you the exceptional healthcare you deserve. 

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