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Pelvic Pain for Women

We Know Pelvic Pain in Men

We understand pelvic pain for men is a sensitive and important topic that must be addressed.

We understand men’s pelvic pain is a serious issue which affects all types of men.

We understand the need to get treated and get back to your active lifestyle.

We understand you and your pain.

Get Back in the Game

Why be in pain any longer than you need?

Whether it’s pain from sitting, hemorrhoid pain, pain during ejaculation, or another pelvic problem, our goal is for you to find relief and normalcy again.

We want to help you to get back to optimal health and back being yourself.

Let’s do this.

Palvic Pain In Men

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As the pelvic pain specialist, Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine takes a new, whole body philosophy when treating our male patients. We utilize the entire range of safe and effective techniques, modalities, and treatments to greatly reduce your pelvic pain and discomfort.

Common Male Pelvic Pain Symptoms

Compromised pelvic muscles and inflammation can be involved in many disorders and conditions including:

Pelvic Pain for Women

Our Philosophy

Everything Works Together

The pelvis is one of the primary regions in your body and controls many aspects of it.

Our approach also takes seriously the idea that the body is only one aspect of who we are. We are also our emotions, our minds and thoughts, our social environment, our stresses, our joys – and so much more.

Please visit our practice philosophy page to learn more.

Treating Pelvic Disorders

When treating pelvic floor dysfunction, and related pain, we focus on:

Pelvic Health Articles for Men

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Patient Testimonials


Review from Hallye P.

Source: Healthgrades | Jul 27, 2022

Dr. Haverland is an outstanding doctor! I am so thankful that I found her. After having surgery for endometriosis, I am able to enjoy life again! It has been truly life changing!! Dr. Haverland listened to me, validated me and...
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Review from Laura L.

Source: Google - Dr. Shrikhande | Jul 27, 2022

Excellent experience - Very professional, knowledgeable and helpful!!!

Review from Anonymous

Source: Healthgrades | Jul 24, 2022

Doctor was attentive in listening to my needs. She offered not only traditional medicine options, but also made suggestions for alternative/holistic treatment options. I appreciate her not just advocating for popping pills. My pelvic pain has improved greatly.