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Pelvic Rehabilitation and Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga encompasses all the components we are trying to obtain with our pelvic rehabilitation program. Physically, by helping to create space in the pelvis, improve posture, flexibility and ultimately core strength.  In addition, practicing restorative yoga can strengthen the mind body connection which can help to calm down one’s central nervous system. Yoga postures, breathing techniques and meditation are a holistic fitness package. Yoga is a workout not only for your body, but for your mind and emotions, as well. Yoga poses massage the internal organs, strengthen muscles, and increase circulation, all of which detoxify the body.


Pelvic Health Benefits from Restorative Yoga

  1. Stress Relief
  2. Meditation
  3. Breathing Techniques
  4. Improved Posture and flexibility
  5. Improved Body Awareness which can help one “find their pelvic floor” and aide in creating more space in the pelvis
  6. Improved Core Strength
  7. Improved Circulation and Blood Flow