Our unique outpatient, nonoperative, minimally invasive ultrasound-guided approach to the pelvis is the first of its kind in the country. Our team focuses on diagnosing and treating chronic pelvic pain in women and men with a procedure that is safe, effective, and more comfortable than what has been offered by pelvic pain providers in the past. Patients go on with their day with no down time. Our unique procedural approach, combined with our providers focusing solely on quarterbacking the care for pelvic pain patients in an interdisciplinary fashion has been the key to our success.

Play Video about What to Expect at your first patient visit at Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine

your first appointment at pelvic rehabilitation medicine

You’ll meet with one of our pelvic pain specialists, who focus solely on pelvic pain. We’ll start with reviewing your full health history, including a discussion of your symptoms. This will help us to understand what you’ve been experiencing, so we can work to identify the source of your pain. 

Next, we’ll conduct a full pelvic exam. Externally, we will look at your hips, abdomen, and posterior sacrum. Internally, we will evaluate the nerves and the muscles within the pelvic area. This full exam is necessary , as it will help our pelvic pain specialists understand the connection between your symptoms, and your nerve and muscle pain and dysfunction. There is no speculum, so the exam is gentle and more comfortable than that of, for example, gynecological exams you may have experienced in the past. 

We will discuss our findings with you and come up with a comprehensive treatment plan TOGETHER. We want you to know that your pain is validated and that we are here to work with you on getting you back to the life you deserve. 

Your first treatment at Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine to is a very exciting appointment to look forward to, as it is the first step towards pelvic pain relief!

You can expect to receive our ultrasound guided treatment, which will take about 15 minutes. Then, you’ll sit on ice for 15-20 minutes and go on with your day. 

Play Video about Your first treatment at Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine and how to prepare.
Image of what to expect after 3 months of treatment.

Our treatment is safe and effective

With the use of ultrasound-guidance, we are able to pinpoint the muscle locations requiring relief. The ultrasound is what allows us to do everything externally and have the ability to visualize what we’re doing without going inside. We are never treating our patients blind, so this greatly benefits you and provides more comfort, and increases our treatment’s effectiveness.

The nerve blocks use the gentle pain reliever lidocaine and sometimes use anti-inflammatory medication. Risks associated with our treatment are significantly less than 1%. The best part: our patients can receive treatment and go about their day afterwards! 

We Provide Both In-Network and Out-Of-Network Benefits

Image of Dr.Ally treating male patient.

your access to care is important to us

At Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine, we are on a mission to provide access to care to every patient. We believe, the cost of comprehensive care should not be a burden for patients seeking diagnosis and treatment that ensures a full and complete, pain-free life.  

If you are requesting an appointment, we are proud to be in-network insurance coverage providers with Blue Cross Blue Shield in Florida, Texas, Georgia, Michigan, and Illinois. We also work with most commercial insurance carriers on an out-of-network basis. 

If you are a patient not in one of these areas, our time and attention to you remains the same – we want to help you live pain free! Oftentimes, you will have out of network benefits where a portion or all of your treatments costs could be covered by your insurance provider. Please contact our office and we will be happy to check your benefits and let you know what patient responsibility you have.

Questions about your visit? contact us today!

You can reach one of our billing specialists at 646-481-4998 Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm. If you are not able to call or it is after hours please submit your personal and insurance information with our appointment request form.

Should you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact our office. Our doctors and staff take pride in being the healthcare guide for you on a path to relief from your pelvic pain.

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