Welcoming Dr. Madhu Bagaria: An Expert Surgeon for Endometriosis

We are excited to introduce a remarkable addition to our team, specializing in endometriosis excision surgery in New York and New Jersey. Dr. Madhu Bagaria, a renowned expert in her field, brings a wealth of experience and commitment to our mission of decreasing the time that patients are suffering from pelvic pain. 

A Patient-Centered Approach to Treatment

Dr. Bagaria believes in listening to her patients, understanding their experiences and their individual needs, and working with them on a treatment plan that works best for their condition and lifestyle. 

She understands that because endometriosis is a complex disease affecting 1 in 9 patients, they need a full support system during their journey to healing. With endometriosis causing chronic pain and lifestyle interruptions for these patients, her treatment approach involves follow-up and support before, during, and after excision surgery – aligning with PRM’s multimodal approach to treating endometriosis.  

Your Path to Healing

With Dr. Madhu Bagaria on our team, patients suffering with endometriosis will have expanded access to treatment within our organization. To schedule an appointment or free case review with Dr. Bagaria, please contact our Patient Advocates.  

Her presence in the New York and New Jersey areas emphasizes PRM’s mission to provide access to care for those suffering with pelvic pain and to introduce our first-of-its-kind treatment and path to healing to individuals navigating the challenges of pelvic health conditions. 

For media inquiries or to schedule an interview with Dr. Madhu Bagaria or Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine, please contact Theresa Porcaro at tporcaro@pelvicrehabilitation.com.