Lora Liu, MD

Lora Liu, MD

Gynecological Surgeon/ Endometriosis Excision Specialist

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New York, NY
Englewood, NJ

Lora Ann Liu, M.D., is a board-certified minimally invasive gynecologic surgeon, who specializes in the management of difficult gynecological surgeries, including severe endometriosis, difficult hysterectomies, large fibroid removal, and other complex gynecological conditions. Dr. Liu completed a four-year Obstetrics and Gynecology residency training at North Shore-LIJ/Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan New York, followed by a rigorous two-year Fellowship in Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery at The Mayo Clinic where further expertise was developed in robotic, laparoscopic, and vaginal surgery with special interest in laparoscopy and robotic endometriosis surgery. Her research in gynecological surgery has resulted in presentations at numerous professional meetings, as well as publication in peer-reviewed journals. Dr. Liu is passionate about providing the best medical and surgical options for her patients and is committed to excellence in her practice. Her interest in humanitarian service has extended beyond the US to short-term mission trips to countries with minimal access to health care. Besides being an endometriosis surgeon, she is also a violinist and an avid runner, completing over 50 marathons and over 40 ultra-marathons, ranging from 50 kilometers to 100 miles.

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Nancy's Nook is a source of shared information from endometriosis advocacy groups to amply and unify patient's advocacy efforts. Nancy's Nook has amassed a significant body of knowledge from patients and doctors. Nancy's Nook works with iCareBetter which is a directory of doctors listed that have gone through a rigorous peer to peer review process. With iCareBetter, patients can ensure their voices are represented in the doctor search process. Pelvic Rehab Medicine and Dr. Liu have been advocates of Nancy's Nook and Dr. Liu specifically has been recognized by iCareBetter as an endometriosis expert.

Get To Know Your Doctor

Why did you become a doctor?

Born into a medical family, I was immersed in the culture of medicine. Many a conversation around the dinner table centered on my father’s pioneer work in the field of minimally invasive gynecology surgery. As a teenager, I would look forward to watching him perform surgeries. However, I was also passionate about music. The competing interests of music and medicine resulted in a double major in college -- music and biophysics. Medicine ultimately won out. Medical school was followed by a general medicine internship, then a four-year Obstetrics-Gynecology residency, and finally a two-year minimally invasive gynecologic surgery fellowship. This lengthy journey was fueled by a desire to receive the best preparation so that I could help women who suffer from debilitating gynecological problems.

What are the goals of your approach/treatment/program?

First and foremost, I count it a privilege to provide comprehensive treatment to those entrusted into my care. As a minimally invasive gynecological surgeon, I diagnose and treat any structural pathology or causes of pelvic pain/dysfunction. The goal, of course, is to improve the quality of life by improving health and functioning to the highest level. I seek to first listen and then to invite my patients into a collaborative relationship as we together seek the best treatment for their particular condition. The treatment may or may not involve endometriosis surgery. If excision endometriosis surgery is indicated, it is only the beginning of a patient’s journey to recovery. Integrating a multi-faceted approach such as follow up physical therapy, nutrition, and lifestyle practices, will result in better health outcomes.

What is your approach to medicine?

Patients seek out medical care because they are experiencing varying degrees of discomfort. My job is to try to give back some comfort, both physically and emotionally. The field of medicine, with its important standardized protocols and algorithms, can become impersonal. Imaging and lab tests can confirm the diagnosis, but often times just letting the patient talk and tell her story will provide more answers than any expensive imaging or testing. I have learned that if I listen carefully to my patient, she can pinpoint her problem with amazing accuracy because she is already attuned to her own body after having lived in (and with) it every day.

How would you define patient care?

Patient care is a collaborative process between the patient and healthcare provider for the improvement of overall health and the achievement of wellness goals. The process includes --
  • Providing the best and most current science-based practices.
  • Creating a treatment plan that addresses the patient’s condition and her needs, values, and beliefs.
  • Treating not only the ailment, but providing whole person care.
  • Valuing and caring for the patient as if she were a member of my own family.

Do you do any non-profit or philanthropic work?

As a person who has been blessed by so many opportunities, I am passionate about giving back, particularly delivering high-quality care to underserved populations, both in this country as well as elsewhere. I have participated in several international medical mission trips, twice to Kenya and once to Fiji. Also as an avid runner, I have run for numerous philanthropic causes. The sense of fulfillment in serving others is indeed rewarding.


Mayo Clinic Arizona Fellowship, Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery, 2016 - 2018 Lenox Hill Hospital Residency, Obstetrics and Gynecology, 2016 Loma Linda University School of Medicine Class of 2011

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