Tayyaba Ahmed, DO Biography Video Transcription

My name is Dr.Tayyaba Ahmed. I am an osteopathic physician. I went to school at NYIT, which was a program with New York College of Osteopathic Medicine, and then I went to NYU where I met Dr. Hill and Dr. Shrikhande. I pursued sports medicine for a few years, and now doing pelvic rehab primarily. I had two kids, one in residency and one after residency. And most women will tell you that when you go back to working out and exercising you may have a little bit of leakage doing jumping jacks. And a lot of doctors and women think it’s normal to have that, you can actually improve the muscles of their pelvic floor, and doing that can prevent that leakage.

When I first got introduced to the pelvic pain world, a colleague had offered me an opportunity to edit a chapter for the Frontera textbook, the chapter was the pelvic pain chapter which I thought was a great opportunity to learn about pelvic pain and use what I’ve learned from Dr. Shrikhande. Since starting with Dr. Shrikhande, I have done many talks, one for the NYU health professionals, and one for Beyond Basics. I have also done some community talks, and at the National College of Osteopathic Surgeons Conference, I spoke about non-surgical treatment options for pelvic pain.