I am so glad I found Dr. Tailor post endometriosis excision. She listened to my long and challenging history with the disease and knew exactly what to do to facilitate my healing process. I highly recommend her to anyone experiencing pelvic pain due to endometriosis.

I was having a lot of pain and discomfort before I started my injections with Dr. Tailor. But with her guidance and care I’ve been able to have a lot of relief in my pelvis.

The request and willingness to tell my journey was shocking and comforting. I felt heard for the first time in ten plus years. I highly recommend seeing her for a consultation and look forward to my journey in her care. Dominique H.

helpful, comprehensive, solutions

She is such a wonderful human being an doctor. She really listens and takes notes with a very holistic approach. I am so glad I found Dr. Tailor, she has helped me tremendously with such a complicated condition.

Dr.Tailor, a wonderful practitioner, works with the patient to assure a successful outcome. Follow her advice. Ashley, the nurse is super. Jasmine greets all with a smile and professionalism. I love this team. God bless you all.

very professional and communicate very well

Dr. Tailor was amazing. She took the time to hear about my symptoms and was considerate about possible pain. She made expectations and timelines clear.

she listened to all my needs and concerns that i had

As a one year follow-up exam, Dr Tailor is still teaching me more about this condition and how best to treat and maintain my pelvic floor health

While we are still navigating the source of my pain, Dr. Tailor truly cares, takes the time, and asks enough questions to get the source of the issue.

I felt a lot of confidence in Dr. Taylor. She has excellent bedside manor and you can tell she cares.

everyone i encountered was very nice and understanding

I have been dealing with pelvic pain for more than half of my life! This is the first time I feel confident that the treatment plan will work.

She is very pleasant, very professional, very compassionate, very tender and very knowledgeable. I have to drive 2 hours to see her, and it is always worth the trip. She has helped me with a problem I have had almost 20 years, and she is someone who finally understood what the source of my problem is and how to approach treatment of it. I feel so much better than I did when I first started seeing Dr. Tailor.

Takes time with each patient to listen to their needs.

Dr. Tailor listens diligently to her patients. She is not only an incredible doctor, but also she is a great problem-solver. She never shies away from a problem she is not familiar with and goes the extra mile to find a solution.

For the first time in 6 months after seeing so many other different doctors I finally feel heard. I now truly believe I am going to be on the road to recovery. Dr. Tailor has given me hope again when it comes to my health. I am so grateful I have the opportunity to work with her on my treatment plan.

I was at ease and did not feel rushed. The office is so well organized and operated.

never felt rushed! very good listener and explained everything so well!

I was pleased to find Dr Tailor so warm and willing to work with my elaborate medical history and my list of concerns. She took lots of time, was thorough and offered helpful guidance.

Great experience with Dr. Tailor! She is the ONLY doctor I’ve seen in 21 years with pelvic pain who had any knowledge of this issue. I felt confident in her diagnosis, and I was helped by the injection series.

I went into this nervous and felt hopeless. I left feeling like I solid plan for treatment that so far has worked. I’ve had to reach out many times in the past few months and I always got a reply w/ a detailed answer in just a couple of hours. I couldn’t recommend her enough and her staff enough.

Dr Tailor never rushes, listens to your concerns and is willing to find an alternative that better suits your needs. Office is clean and peaceful. I wish she was my primary care doctor!

Dr. Tailor and team were very helpful and nice!

Dr Tailor was very compassionate with my very sensitive health concern. I felt comfortable being open and honest with her. I’ve suffered for a long time and she really listened to my concerns.

great experience

I am leaving, in a MUCH better frame of mind…than when I arrived. Brittany is a delightful manager, Salma was friendly and thorough in her intake, and Dr. Tailor was a true professional. I can tell she is dedicated to her oath and a healthcare professional. She answered all of my questions, listened, and gave honest, forthright advice. I am SO very pleased , that my PCP referred me to this practice. THANK YOU, LADIES!!!

Dr. Taylor has been amazing! She listens to what I am saying and every appointment I have, I know I am treated with care.

i’ve had ic and vulvodynia for years. it’s hard to find someone in ga who does specialize in this. i felt heard for the first time and i’m hopeful to be pain free on this journey with dr tailor. she really listens to you and is thorough about your treatment plan.

Everyone as professional and compassionate. Well done.

Dr. Tailor spends every visit making sure the patient is cared for! I wish I had found her sooner! The entire office is amazing!

She was thorough, helpful, and relaxing!

this provider explained everything thoroughly and listened to my concerns.

My experience really couldn’t be better. I feel Dr. Tailor understands my issues well, even though they are not the most typical issues. I trust her. I love that she has various items in her toolkit to help, beyond injections. She is the first MD I’ve seen who had the faintest idea what was causing my pain. I’ve probably seen 15 MD’s for this pain over the past 20 years. (Pelvic PT’s have helped also.)

She is a very caring and knowledgeable doctor who spends plenty of time explaining your condition and finding solutions for it.

Dr Tailor knows and understands pelvic floor pain and how to treat conditions that we suffer. I have needed her expertise for over 12 years and so thankful she is here in Atlanta and I do not have to drive back to the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio. I trust her and know she wants to get me well. I drive over 1. 5 hours to see her.

Answered all my questions and felt more knowledgeable about future treatments

Dr. Tailor has been there for me every step of the way since I started seeing her. She is supportive and truly cares for her patients. Her wealth of knowledge was a breath of fresh air after years of misdiagnosis and treatments that I didn’t need.

Very empathic and pleasant.

I highly recommend Dr Tailor at Pelvic Rehabilitation. If you have chronic pelvic pain, there’s hope! Dr Tailor listens and answers every question…and I had a lot of them! The pelvic floor injections gave me my life back. You don’t realize how much pain you were in until it goes away. Results vary by person, but I’m elated with my results so far. I’m one week past the final injections. I also have to mention that Brittany at the front desk is delightful, smart and can clearly explain billing, scheduling and all the details. Dr Tailor’s assistant, Salma, is professional, efficient and just lovely. You can trust this smooth running office.

Dr. Tailor is wonderful.

Issue had been going on for two years. She asked so many questions and actually listened to me to properly diagnose and explain subsequent treatment. I would recommend Dr. Tailor to others.

i am so pleased i found the pelvic floor rehab center . It is such a peaceful facility with A1 service.

Dr tailor is great, she listens to you very well. she really does care and has the best treatment option for you. by the way her staff is awesome and it’s a very clean facility.

Super informative and thorough which I really appreciate. Really took the time and didn’t make me feel like I was just a number.

From the phone call I made to set up my appointment all the way to my appt day and after they were all amazing!! The doctor showed me real interest in my situation, constantly made sure to ask me if I had any questions or needed any clarity on anything. Brittney at the front desk I absolutely loved unlike other healthcare offices she was super sweet and welcoming. I look forward to coming back I don’t think I’ll get this care & comfort anywhere else.

Dr. Tailor listens, takes all the time you need, ensures your comfortability, works to build the trust, and allows you to set the pace! Over the years, I’ve tried a bunch of different possible fixes to my issues with no success. I began to lose hope and thought I would have to just deal with it with no possible fix. Finding Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine has given me hope again. I was educated about my condition and how to properly go about finding relief and for the first time in the 10 years I gained a real understanding of what my condition was and that learned I’m not alone and I don’t have to live with this forever.

Dr. Taior was very kind, and compassionate, and kind. She took her time explaining things, and allowed me to ask questions. Cares for her Patients.

Made me feel much better and gave me a great PT referral!

Listens to your concerns and answers all questions. Explains how, what and why involving your treatment. Very professional, knowledgeable and friendly atmosphere.

Dr. Tailor, Salma, and Brittany were all so nice and welcoming that it made my visits much less stressful. They are efficient and I never had to wait. Dr. Tailor listened well and explained everything in detail.

Dr Tailor and her staff were very thorough, friendly and I had such a pleasant and caring experience! I have been looking for the right answers for over a month to treat my pelvic and incontinence issues! Dr Taylor’s explanations were so helpful. Thank you!

I have seen many doctors and I can say with complete confidence that Dr. Tailor is one of the most competent and knowedgeble doctors that I have ever been to. Additionally, she has a bedside manner and personality that you would hope to have in a doctor. Her staff of Brittany and Salma are fantastic too. Although Dr. Tailor is a specialist, if I could make her my primary care physcian, I would.

Dr. Tailor is one of the most competent and knowedgeble doctors that i have ever seen. Additionally she has a personality and bedside manner that you would hope to find in a doctor. Her staff of Brittany and Salma are excellent too. Although Dr. Tailor is a specialist I wish she could be my primary care physcian.

Dr. Tailor is a God-send for me. She understands my issues completely and is extremely compassionate and thoughtful as she treats me. I am so grateful that I have finally found a doctor who has the knowledge to give helpful options for treatment which have resulted in decreased pain. I just wish I had found her about 15 years ago!!
I highly recommend Dr. Tailor for pelvic issues. You will be glad you did.

I strongly recommend Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine and Dr. Tailor for anyone dealing with chronic pelvic pain. Dr. Tailor is thorough, kind, and knowledgeable. Her team – Salma and Brittany – could not be better. Appointments are on-time, everyone is friendly and helpful, and the injections received helped decrease long-term and severe pelvic pain.

Dr. Tailor is a very professional, knowledgeable, really care about her Patients.

Dr. Taylor was very attentive and answered all my questions. I feel I can trust her to help me in the recovery process with my pelvic floor pain.

I have been treating with Dr. Tailor for almost 2 months. I have found her and her assistant, Salma, to be very professional and good at what they do. Dr. Tailor is willing to listen to work through the problem. For me that involves a bunch of injections-I feel like she knows the right areas to hit and has done it a million times and I am in good hands. Also, you will be pleased with how they schedule appointments. They don’t schedule 10 patients at the same time and make everyone wait. I have NEVER waited more than a few minutes.

Dr. Tailor is absolutely phenomenal and provides the most quality care– she truly takes the time to listen and has incredible treatment plans. Everyone at the office is so helpful and kind and I couldn’t recommend them enough. 10/10!

These visits have helped me tremendously.

Dr. Tailor listened patiently, examined thoroughly, and spent plenty of time with visual and verbal education to make sure I understood why she chose the treatments for me. I deeply appreciated the space she gave for me to ask questions.

Highly skilled, compassionate, and generous with her time, Dr. Tailor is a superior physician. After suffering pelvic pain for over fifteen years, I went to Dr. Tailor, and over a period of weeks, she reduced my pain by half. Under her direction, I’m still at work with a PT. All in all, Dr. Tailor and her assistants Brittany and Selma run an amazing office. Highest recommendation.

Highly professional, responsive MD and team, have a broad outlook on issues, and addresses all aspects. Best in class.

I went to see Doctor Tailor in late 2020 due to a year of pelvic pain and not getting results anywhere else. Doctor Tailor developed a treatment plan and continued to work with me over the next several months. I am happy to say that today, I am practically pain free. Thank you Dr Tailor and the entire staff!

This has to be the nicest , most genuine customer service I have ever received!! Everyone in this office is so caring and kind ! It’s so peaceful and lovely inside and I feel so heard when I visited. I highly recommend!

I feel so lucky to have found this clinic. After a year of desperate searching, I’ve found doctors that know about my disorder. They are so kind, caring, informative, and passionate. Treatment has begun and I have hope for the first time. The atmosphere is spa like and I’m eager to return.

Everyone here is a so kind and helpful. Salma is very kind and very nice!

I *highly* recommend Pelvic Rehabilitation Center and Dr. Yogita Tailor to anyone experiencing pelvic pain.

Dr. Tailor took the time to carefully listen to my health story which put me at such ease. She reviewed my history and thoroughly examined my current state before recommending a treatment plan. For over two years I met with dozens of doctors who didn’t know how to help me or who dismissed my experience. Thanks to my amazing physical therapist, I was introduced to Pelvic Rehabilitation Center and I feel I am finally on a path to getting my life back. It felt so relieved to be talking to a doctor who actually understood what I was saying.

Every part of my treatment plan was explained in detail by Dr. Tailor. I’ve halfway through treatment and I feel hopeful.

Selma and Brittany have always been kind and welcoming. The whole staff has made a vulnerable process much more manageable. Plus, the facility is beautiful, comfortable, and peaceful.

I saw 3 urologists, 2 physical therapists and 1 Urogynecolgist and no one could pinpoint why I was in pain, treat my pain or tell me why I was having urinary dysfunction. I am so glad I found Dr. Yogita Tailor at Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine. She intently listened to my while story, immediately adjusted my medications to bring me some relief and started me on a 6 week course of injections that has been a game changer for me. I feel SO much better and am back to living and enjoying life again! The office is lovely, clean, professional and spa like. Salma and Brittany who work alongside Dr Tailor in the office put you at ease as soon as you walk in. Highly recommend this place is you have been experiencing chronic pelvic pain and dysfunction.

Took exceptional history and listened to my story. Asked many good questions and was thoughtful in forming her opinion and recommendations. Really appreciate her starting this practice in Atlanta!