great help and advice with a tough injury

Overall good

I am a chronic illness warrior and I was very nervous to start a new journey with a new doctor and trust that this could be the thing to help me in my journey. I am so glad that I trusted Dr. Kapadia and the WHOLE team in this office. I came in to my first appointment feeling defeated by Endometriosis and everything that comes with it and I am leaving the office feeling strong, confident, and ready to take on life again. I feel like I am finally living and thriving. Thank you to each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart!

Dr Kapadia gave me hope which is something I had all but given up on. Life must have hope-Thank you!

i have seen so many doctors over the past 20 years but today i saw a doctor that cares.she explained everything that she was doing and why. i had given up before calling you guys but my wife talked me into one more try–thanks kathy–hope is essential for llife.

Dr Kapadia was great at listening and understanding my problem. She was very knowledgeable and thorough. I really trust her to help.

Great explanation of problem in simple terms and very understanding of me.

I loved that she listened and gave clear suggestions. She also worked with my schedule to help me with my issues.

Dr. Kapadia spent time to listen to my story, issues and pains. She spent time answering all of my questions and gave me time to takeaway the options and make the best decision for myself. I would recommend her to anyone!

She was extremely attentive and listened to my questions and concerns. She made sure I understood everything and that I was comfortable with the process.

dr. k is thoughtful, patient, and kind. she takes the time to listen and work with you through any questions. she is quick to respond to questions and you can tell she is present with you through each visit.

She listens to your concerns and makes easy and clear suggestions on what the next steps for your recovery are for you. I have made big improvements when it came to feeling burning sensations and tightness in the pelvic floor area. I know that I am in great hands with her and team.

she listened to me for a while and then set up a plan of action so feeling good

After years of struggling with pelvic floor issues, seeing other doctors who dismissed my pain, and spending thousands of dollars on treatments that did not work, I am so grateful to have found Dr. Kapadia and Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine. She truly listens to you and offers treatments that actually work. This experience has been extremely validating on an emotional level as well. In 2 months I have seen drastic differences. 10/10!!!

For Pelvic Floor Pain this is the place to go!

This provider is professional, kind, caring and considers what you are going through.

My visit with Dr. Kapadia was great. She spent time and walked me through everything.

She was a great listener and gave me helpful feedback and advice.

very satisfying

She was great! It was my first time meeting her but she was a great listener and had explanations for any symptoms I was experiencing.

In the short time that I have been with her, she has been very willing to help with anything that I have needed and asked about. I really look forward to speaking with her about my symptoms and my treatment. She is a great doctor and very knowledgeable.

She is a great listener and I trust her completely!

Thank you both to Dr. Kapadia & Dr. Moody for providing the best care to your patients. A heartfelt thanks to the incredible staff and doctors at PRM.

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction/Pudendal Nerve Irritation, Both Dr. Kapadia and Dr. Moody provided excellent care. I dealt with extreme symptoms of urinary frequency/urgency, pain with bowel movements, and extreme nerve pain for three months. I visited countless doctors, specialists, and emergency rooms trying to get a diagnosis. After finally finding PRM, they got me in for a consultation within a week. I immediately felt relieved because they knew exactly how to treat my pelvic floor dysfunction. They had a comprehensive, well-rounded treatment approach. After only three months of treatment, as well as pelvic floor physical therapy, I have made a complete recovery and finally feel like myself again. I can’t thank Dr. Moody enough for her attentive care and treatment methods. Without PRM, I truly believe I still would not have an answer for my symptoms. HIGHLY recommend!

Dr. Kapadia, takes the time to listen and address concerns.

Unlike so many other health providers, Dr. Kapadia listened to my complex medical history. She laid out a recovery plan that suited my exact needs and referred me to the exact physical therapist I needed. I ultimately learned I was dealing with a nervous system issue that happened to also be effecting my pelvic floor. Dr. Kapadia understands everyone’s case is unique and you need to setup an appointment with her ASAP if you’re suffering from chronic pelvic pain. I had multiple orthopedic specialists and chiropractors tell me my symptoms “make no sense” and I might just have to learn to live with this pain for the rest of my life at just 25 years old. Thank you Dr. Kapadia for helping me slowly get my life back!

10 out of 10. World class treatment and staff.

My experience with Dr. Kapadia was excellent. She knew immediately what was wrong and prescribed a treatment plan that had me feeling much better quickly. When I first went to her, I was utterly desperate for help, and now I feel completely back to normal. I cannot recommend her enough!

Amazing, conpassionate and explained every question I had

Dr. Kapadia is great at listening, and I appreciate her empathy and willingness to help

She has helped me when no one else could!

I love Dr Kapadia and Ms Toni very personable and feel like they actually are listening to me.

I have had pain for almost a year and after seeing seven doctors Dr. Kapadia is the only one that took the time to help me figure out what my problems really was. I trust her and that is hard to find these days. Toni her nurse is awesome and cares about you as a person.

She is very personable and easy to communicate with, explains things well, patient in answering questions.

Dr. Kapadia was thorough and helped immensely with my recovery postpartum. She spends a good amount of time with you. I felt very supported and cared for.

I have seen health care providers for 20 years for endometriosis and had very bad experiences. This is the very first time I have had a positive experience. Dr. Kapadia and staff are nothing short of incredibly professional and caring. I would strongly encourage any one with pelvic pain or endometriosis to start here. They will take care of you. I cannot begin to express how grateful I am for Dr. Kapadia and her practice. I cannot thank her and her staff enough. They literally changed my life. May God Bless them and keep them always!!

Dr. Kapadia and all of the staff were so helpful and listened to all my concerns. They were so supportive of my journey. Thank you!

Dr. Kapadi is an excellent doctor. She listens carefully, describes the protocol thoroughly and with great detail, chooses the course of treatment based on your personal needs, and is a friendly and comforting presence. After six weeks of injections and then six weeks off, I am for the most part, out of pain, with only occasional flares. I have not felt this good in at least a decade. Thank you, Dr. Kapadi and all the staff at PRM, especially my favorite physicians assistant, Toni, who has been a calming and caring presence through this journey. I am so grateful for the care I’ve received here.

I have had the best experience with Dr Kapadi and Nurse Toni. The treatment plan has been truly effective and I am finally able to live my life more fully and without devastating pain. They are kind, compassionate and true professionals, and I cannot recommend them more!

Love her! So kind and really helped me.

The provider was wonderful and very nolagable . I am excited to get releafe with out long term medication

Love Dr. Kapadia. She is so kind and is ready to answer all of your questions. I love that she has a plan of treatment, and lets you know up front what that will be.

After seeing 3 urologist previously treating the wrong cause, Dr. Kapadia diagnosed me correctly right off the bat. Once she began treating the cause and not the symptom, I started healing immediately.

I’ve been dealing with misdiagnoses for years. Dr. Kapadia and team started relieving symptoms in the first visit!!! I’m confident this will be fixed. Men, if you’ve been diagnosed with nonbacterial prostatitis or some other generally symptoms where urologists or other specialists say there is limited relief, then come here.

I found clarity and a solution to my health problem

I’ve appreciated the time and care Dr. Kapadia extended towards me. Her intervention was highly effective, and I was grateful I had this experience as I’ve seen several other specialists and this is the first time an intervention has worked for me.

Very, very positive. I finally had answers to years and years of questions and problems. She has been thorough with my plan of care and is understanding/caring to my issues.

Dr Kapadia was the 5th provider I’ve seen and the one who was finally able to diagnose my insufferable pelvic issues. She patiently listened to what was going on and answered all of my questions. Meeting her has been life changing honestly. If there’s anything amiss in your pelvic area, this should be the first place you start. Don’t waste your time with any other providers.

shes so kind and knowledgeable so greatful to have found her.

Just had to share for all the other people out there that are struggling to get their endometriosis pain under control- this place is amazing! Dr. Kapadia thoroughly explains everything about her treatment plans and is incredibly knowledgeable overall, which I really appreciate. Plus, her staff is awesome and I love their intake nurse, Toni. Overall, I couldn’t think of a more comfortable, inviting, and safe place to receive in-depth treatment for pelvic pain, especially if you have endometriosis. I’m SO glad they are apart of my endo treatment team!

Visiting with Dr. Kapadia and the treatment plan that has been prescribed to me greatly reduced my pelvic pain. She has good bedside manner and answers all questions/concerns in a very detailed manner. She’s attentive and responds to any questions sent electronically in a timely manner.

Very nice and compassionate staff and doctor. They send forms in advance via DocuSign, no printing and scanning needed. Nice serene office. Intake nurse Toni was very nice, and the doctor as well. I’ve only had one visit so far, but it feels like a safe place and they offer treatment plans with the goal of improving your quality of life.

Dr. Kapadia and her staff are very knowledgeable and caring.

The quality of my life has significantly improved; best choice I could have made for improving my health!

This has been one of the best experiences I have had at a doctors office, and I’ve been to many. Dr. Kapadia has given me a huge part of my life back and I’ll forever be grateful to her and the whole team here. Everyone here are super warm and inviting and make an otherwise possibly uncomfortable/awkward visit pleasurable. You will be happy you came!!

The treatment has been very effective and has made my quality of life much more normal. The staff and Dr have been very helpful and informative making me feel very comfortable during the process and have explained what my expectations should be as far as the results. I believe the treatment has surpassed my expectations and have recommended this group to several Dr’s and friends.

Dr. Kapadia is very nice and personable. She always takes the time to listen and answer all my questions. I had had pudendal nerve pain for 12 years. I saw 19 doctors in the beginning, none of which could help much, as no one knew about this problem. I was on a lot of medication just to be able to make it through the day for 10 years. After my internist took me off one of my meds, the pain returned so bad that I was in bed and couldn’t function. I began pelvic pain physical therapy, and my therapist found that Dr. Kapadia had opened an office in Dallas. I had the 6 week series of injections, and my pain improved 80-90% plus I’m off a lot of the medications, and don’t have the side effects of the meds I was on for 10 years. I am able to sit most of the day, and I can function normally. I continue to improve even after the injections. I highly recommend Dr. Kapadia! I’m so thankful for her, as she gave me my quality of life back.

I have experienced compassionate doctors and nurses who have helped me make major strides towards healing!

I felt very discouraged about the pain I was experiencing from a pelvic mesh implant several years ago. Dr. Kapaia’s plan for my circumstances and issues has changed my life.

Dr. Kapadia has worked and continues to partner with me to overcome my pelvic / hip area pain. She referred me to physical therapist as an active element of my care plan. Improved pain, decreased inflammation and noticeably improved circulation.

Dr Kapadia did a great job of explaining my condition during our first visit and helping me to understand the different options I had regarding next steps. After 5 weeks I feel so much better.

Thorough and very helpful

Dr.Kapadia throughly explained the process to me and my symptoms are improving.

For 3 years I’ve had severe pain. After my appointment with Dr. Kapidia she explained how to relieve the pain and be pain free with Physical Therapy. I highly recommend this Dr! She is wonderful and has changed my life!!! Thank you!

Dr. Kapadia has been very receptive about my concerns. She spent adequate time with me to answer my questions and guide about next steps in the treatment plan.

dr kapadia is very easy to talk to and understands what is going on in the pelvic region.

very professional, caring, and helpful