I’m not a fan of needles, but it seems that these treatments are helping. I wasn’t so sure at first, until my followup. My case is pretty difficult. with severe endometriosis, my treatments with other providers have always been difficult. My pains are somewhat alleviated, and I expect my healing journey to take some time, but I have faith that these treatments and other recommended course of treatment, dietary alterations, and some lifestyle changes along with continued physical therapy, I may get to a place where I can feel some relief. Thank you, Dr, Filart!

Dr. Filart and staff have provided amazing care and support throughout this whole treatment time. I lived with excruciating pain that impacted my life everyday for 3 years. The care and treatment plan has been so effective I feel like I have my life back again. Dr. Filart listens beautifully and never made me feel like I was being rushed. She explained each step along the way and provided clear explanations each visit with regard to what we were doing and what my body was doing. The staff was kind and respectful all through each visit. The patient portal was a fantastic way to communicate with the staff and doctor. Always quick to respond.

I came to Dr Filart because I had discomfort and pain. she prescribed me medication and physical therapy which helped me alot. I highly recommend her.

Skilled, highly competent, patient-oriented, gentle, answered all of my questions and more, put me at ease (necessary with this kind of treatment.)

She is very pleasant to work with and very sincere in dealing with her patients.

No matter the reason for the appointment, my time with Dr. Haverland is always kind, attentive, and clear about what to expect.

From my first experience, Dr Filart was a patient and knowledgeable doctor, who is a great listener. She put me at ease and continues to do so. I highly recommend her for anyone looking for a great doctor. Her staff is also exceptional and friendly.

I have nerve damage post, due to three pelvic surgeries. Ultrasound Guided Trigger Point Nerve Injections have changed my life. The pain has been greatly reduced and my mobility has improved.

Dr. Filart has shown caring and willingness to spend the time needed to review my records and provide an accurate diagnosis. The treatment plan is comprehensive from diet to exercise recommendations to a class on retraining pelvic pain which was fascinating and eye opening. Her treatment involves patient feedback, and the shots she administers are almost pain free. She is very responsive to questions and provides good explanations. I highly recommend this practice for treatment of pelvic pain.

I was terrified of being seen for my condition and had such anxiety. But Dr Filart was reassuring and calming. She taught me a breathing exercise to help reduce the tension. She listened to everything I said. She did not rush me. I felt like I was her only patient and the most important.

I felt very comfortable with the explanations of services and the bedside manner.

Dr. Filart is a very nice lady. Very respectful and extremely encouraging. She knows what she is talking about and she is just very nice. I think patients with Pelvic Pain in general needs more encouragement, they need to take things slowly and Dr. Filart is great with that. I also received injection with Dr. Filart. She is very gentle with her patients!! 100% recommend, 5 star review, love her.

Dr. Filart’s holistic approach allowed me to regain my life. I have been able to go from feeling like a bundle of pain to feeling my body again. I am able to enjoy quality time with friends and family, engage in meaningful work and just be in my body without constant pain. She listened to not only to me but my family, who is my support system. I am forever grateful for choosing this practice and highly recommend them to anyone experiencing pelvic pain, particularly for endometriosis.

Welcoming environment with focus on helping me feel relaxed . Listened well and spent a tremendous amount of time going over all my history and symptoms. Explained her diagnosis thoroughly. Clear plan of care explained and for the first time in a long time gave me hope.

Dr. Filart took time to listen to my history and concerns. I felt well taken care of! Explained care plan and answered questions. Highly recommend

It is a huge bright blessing to be a patient at Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine and of Dr. Filart. PRM and Dr. Filart are able to provide highly skilled expertise and care in the field of pelvic medicine and health. PRM has given me hope and a renewed faith in the ability to heal from pelvic pain. I can already feel healing from several visits and the highly skilled treatment that they provide.And the staff is wonderful in every way!