Dr. Mamsaang has made a big difference in my life and expectations. Very grateful.

Dr. Mamsaang and her staff couldn’t be more professional and supportive. I came seeking medical direction for my pelvic floor (postpartum), and was met with solutions and comfort along the way!

I was nervous about seeing Dr Mamsaang because I had a painful pelvic assessment with a gynecologist that same week. But she made me feel super comfortable during the appointment and the assessment was a breeze! She was also very gentle and very nice.
Prior to the assessment, we talked about my concerns and she listened attentively to everything that I had to say. She really took her time to understand me and she answered all of my questions.
After the appointment, if you need to reach out to her, she responds right away and is also super patient and compassionate. Her staff were amazing as well and could not recommend them more! 🙂

Guiding me in the right direction and helpful in reducing the painful symptoms, Great.

She handled a difficult issue with total professionalism and great ability. I would very highly recommend her to others.

I feel better today than I did before I came to see Dr. Mamsaang. She’s incredibly empathetic and understanding, and I felt I could trust her with my care. Throughout my treatment, we’d discuss my progress and I always was confident I was on the right path.

Very knowledgeable and professional. Great experience overall.

She has been the only person after a long list of doctors who was able to properly diagnose and treat me!


Dr. Mamsaang is very caring and listened to all of my concerns. She was able to give me a lot relief after having pain for two years. Her and her team are great!

good – trust her and like her manner and straight forwardness

Truly one of a kind. It’s unfortunate that I or anybody else has to suffer so much before being referred to a doctor who specializes in pelvic pain. She is knowledgeable, has a wonderful bedside manner, makes you feel very comfortable discussing uncomfortable situations. Returns phone calls and answers every question. In addition to all that, she always has a positive attitude that your pain will heal with time.
Her staff is equally wonderful to deal with, both the medical assistants and front desk personnel. Truly a medical office where you feel like a cared for patient and not a number. If you’re suffering from pelvic pain, Dr. Mamsaang is the doctor to deal with.

She truly is amazing! explained everything very thoroughly didnt rush through the visit at all. i did the injection treatment and my pain levels went from a 15 to a 3 made such a difference in my life! Alicia and Paola are also amazing very welcoming, warm and friendly. Such a great atmosphere in the office! Thank you all so much

It was great to meet with someone who had a clear understanding of what’s going on with my body

Dr. Mamsaang is a very compassionate and caring person. She takes the time to explain and most importantly, she listens to her patients.

Understanding and made me feel at ease and helped me with my situation.

Always appreciate seeing Dr.Mamsaang. She answers all my questions.


Fantastic doctor, she is extremely knowledgeable, listens and makes the whole experience collaborative.

Dr. Mamsaang was very thorough in her explanations and very caring! She was very easy to talk to even with such a delicate subject. I did not feel rushed at all.

i am very confident with her knowledge and provided services i would highly recommend her for Pelvic floor issues

Dr. Marjorie Mamsaang is extremely focused, thorough, attentive and dedicated to her patients. She was able to explain to me that the root cause of my problem may likely be associated with my pelvic floor muscles and some of the nerves that run through that area. Once we completed our first visit, she proposed a short- and long-term treatment plan to deal with my constant pain. After taking her prescribed medications for the first three days, my pain level dropped dramatically, especially at night time! I was able to sleep through the night without multiple bathroom trips. Now I feel rested, energetic and extremely hopeful to a pain free future. Although I know this is just the beginning of a promising journey to a new life ahead of myself, I still need to follow Dr. Mamsaang’s treatment and instructions to continue the process of improving my health. She is definitely one of a kind Doctor on her field of expertise!

Dr. Mamsaan is very skilled, experienced, and caring. She listens and provides excellent feedback.

Dr Mamsaang has been the most patient and listening doctor I have been working with over the past 6 months and has made my life so much better than I was before coming to her. I am thankful for her and her entire staff working with me medically and personally. Thank you!

Dr. Mamsaang is a great listener. She obtained my thorough medical background to explain the likely causes of my various symptoms after having my first child. She was attentive to treating my pain and referred me to a pelvic floor therapist who has helped me heal. She was kind and clinical with otherwise sensitive topics and cared about my progress in those areas.

Received excellent care – took time to listen and follow up on all issues/concerns and addressed all areas of pain/symptoms

Dr Mamsang is very caring and helpful. she takes her time to listen and explains everything thoroughly

I felt Dr. Mamsang understood my condition and was very clear in her explanations.

Dr. Mamsaang is truly a caring and capable doctor to deal with on these pelvic floor issues. I trust her knowledge and appreciate her services so much.

Dr. Mamsaang saved my life. I was in severe pain 24/7.I am now almost 100% better after treatment.

One pudendal block by Dr MAAMSANG and my symptoms almost completely resolved. This after 18 m of numerous blocks, therapies,had failed. Highly recommend Dr MAAMSANG

An amazing doctor full of understandable information and compassion. Perfect person to see when dealing with uncomfortable and confusing symptoms.

Very attentive and always pending to follow up on everything, I would recommend her 100%

I’m so grateful to have met Dr. Mamsaang. For 2 years I have been suffering of Pelvic Floor and have terrible symptoms. it just took one visit and with the treatment she gave me I’m feeling so much better and I will always be so grateful to her for discovering and understanding my diagnosis what I…

The facility and all personnel are polite and courtesy. Dr. Mamsaang is very delightful, knowledgeable, informative and always explains things in layman’s terms and listens to all your concerns. My only wish is that they have an office closer to where I live. . Would highly recommend them to any one without hesitation. Thanks you all for your kindness, patience and understanding

My experience at the center has been above and beyond. I cannot express how wonderful Marjorie and Dr Charity Hill have been. I have never experienced Such compassion and Understanding. I highly recommend to anyone who is going through pelvic problems to contact them.