I have had nothing but the best care from both the doctor and the office staff. The doctor is thorough and has worked out a treatment plan that is working! I would highly recommend to anyone with Pelvic issues.

Dr Moody Listens to the patients and has real good bed side manners. She takes real good care of her patients and very prompt in response.

Took a lot of time to listen and explain. Very pleasant visit. Treatment plan was very well explained.

Dr. Moody seems comitted to helping me resolve my problems (unlike most doctors).

She’s been very helpful and kind.

Dr Erika Moody and her team are FANTASTIC!! She listens, asks relevant questions, clearly takes good notes and both she and Jasmine (her assistant) care for their patients. The treatment plan is clear and understandable, the follow through is incredible AND the follow up is thorough. I would recommend Dr Erika in a heartbeat! I am so excited that finally I am getting help and finally I see a positive future for getting my pelvic area health and pain free, I can’t thank them enough!

Calming, Dr. Moody was excellent at listening to the full medical history, and very open to conversation about endometriosis and questions of. She explained everything very well and very thoroughly. The examination was gentle and calming as well which made me feel even more comfortable with her as a health care provider. Would highly recommend to family and friends.

I have been very pleased with the Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine Clinic. Everyone has been very professional, caring, and compassionate. They seem to enjoy their job and truly want to help get people out of pain. I am thankful my neurologist in Baton Rouge, LA referred me.

Dr. Moody spent 2 hours with me and was very patient and listened to my very complex medical issues. She took the necessary time to explain my diagnoses and prescribed a regiment of care moving forward. I’ve been dealing with medical issues for over 10 years and she was able to explain to my understanding what was going on. Couldn’t have asked for a better dr!

I am really glad, I felt somebody listen to me and encouraged me to keep going in my treatment

In spite of the unnerving experience getting injections in the last place I would ever want to have them, the experience was always welcoming and pleasant. I’m going to miss coming here once a week.

the best treatment and most accurate diagnosis, I wasn’t having any relief of my symptoms until I came to meet Dr. Moody. She took time to listen to me explain my symptoms without making me feel like I was being rushed. She’s the only Dr. that found a solution and now I’m on my way to recovery. I could tell she put lots of consideration into my treatment plan.

Dr. Moody takes time to listen and I appreciated her calls whenever I had questions. She helped me feel much better!

Dr. Moody was one of the first people I discussed my pelvic concerns with and she opened the door to a referral to PT and deeper understanding of this rarely talked about area that can affect marriage and life in general. She was very receptive to my specific needs and concerns and my desire to discuss my faith and cultural background in relation to my concern. I have seen great progress through treatment and the referrals she has provided. Don’t wait to seek help early on, rather than suffering long term in this area. Thank you, Dr. Moody, for all you do!

She listened to my needs/concerns, went over the treatment plan, answered all my questions. I’ve been in pain for years, even after seeing multiple doctors and have 2 surgeries the pain was still there. As of today, I’m no longer having that pain due to Dr. Moody and Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine… Thank you so much for helping me relieve the source of pain

Dr. Moody is an amazing doctor and I would highly recommend her and this practice to anyone experiencing the same kind of pain that I was.

Empathetic, good listener, recommends good solutions

I wish I would have found PRM (Dr. Moody) over a decade ago!, Dr. Moody addressed the underlying issue that had caused me pain for 12 years. My overall quality of life has improved in a major way and and allowed me to be the most pain free I have been in a VERY long time.


Accurately diagnosed the issue and pain after many doctors

Dr. Moody is a great listener and provides treatment that supports the whole person. I am so glad I found her and this practice.

Dr. Moody is exceptionally knowledgeable and attentive in listening to her patient’s needs. She provided a customized, holistic treatment program to treat the root of the issue as well as relieving symptoms. She used a multi-treatment approach to achieve comfort and the best results possible quickly.

Thank you both to Dr. Kapadia & Dr. Moody for providing the best care to your patients. A heartfelt thanks to the incredible staff and doctors at PRM.

Dr. Moody was very helpful. She gave me lots of treatment options. I was skeptical at first but my pain is almost gone and I think I will continue to improve to 100%. Very grateful to have found her.

I had suffered from endometriosis all my fertile life, and even when I had go to all the know treatments (hormonal, pain killers and several hospitalizations and surgeries) reading about new treatments to help you cope with endometriosis a found an article for pelvic rehabilitation and endometriosis, and I search for options here in Dallas and found Dr. Moody, when I arrived into her office my OBG had already recommended me the hysterectomy, so I said let’s see… almost hopeless I went through one round of shots and 6 months after..I am pain FREE and with with reproductive systems intact.
Dr. Moody changed my life, she takes the time to listen to you and makes sures you understand your treatment, she is very throughout went assessing your symptoms.
The staff is also very knowledgeable and friendly nurse Tony is the best.

Dr. Moody is awesome!

Dr. Moody is the best doctor I have seen dealing with pelvic health. She listens and shows true empathy. I would highly recommend Dr. Moody.

At my first visit 12 weeks ago I was in a tremendous amount of pain. The progress I have made under Dr. Moody’s care has been remarkable and I am so grateful to be mostly pain free. I feel like a different person.

Great, very attentive, listens to concerns, has empathy

As I have told Dr Moody, “Thank you so much for choosing to help people like me.” I appreciate her knowledge. She explains everything she believes is wrong with me and everything concerning the needling and other procedures.

Before seeing Dr. Moody I was in so much pain I couldn’t workout, sit for too long or even have intercourse. After months of medication, physical therapy and injections, I’m feeling back to normal again.

I first saw Dr. Moody for my severe pelvic pain that was accompanied with urinary symptoms. My quality of life was suffering as I was unable to ride my horse or exercise (2 things I love)! I saw multiple doctors who told me to drink wine and relax to rid my symptoms. Today, I can say my symptoms are 90% better at my 6 week f/u. I have many days that are pain free. Dr. Moody listened to my concerns, did a thorough exam and treated me exceptionally well. I would recommend anyone with pelvic pain to see Dr. Moody. She will AND wants to heal you!! Not to mention her staff is friendly and educated.

Dr. Moody has been great communicating my symptoms and diagnosing my condition. I went to a lot of different doctors before seeing Dr. Moody and I did not know what my condition was until I was evaluated by Dr. Moody. She quickly diagnosed my condition and put together a treatment plan that worked best for me. She listened to every thing I had to say and truly cared about my well-being. I couldn’t be happier with my experience and treatment.

Great listener! Dr. Moody is a great listener who helps with complex issues. She often seeks multiple solutions to a problem and is always honest and explains thoroughly.

Dr. Moody and her team are excellent at listening and providing a safe and comfortable environment to deliver needed care. I sincerely appreciate their holistic approach.

Dr. Moody and her team (Tony and Michelle) has shown me what all medical care should look like. Not only are they kind, but they are incredibly in depth to fully understand what the issues are. For issues that are very personal, every team member made me feel comfortable and I enjoyed seeing them for not-so-fun medical issues. They have set a new bar for customer service and bedside manner skills for future doctors that i see.

Genuine and caring. Trust that she has my best interest in mind.

Dr Moody provided expert advice on not only my pelvic issues but also my systemic issues which were impacting my health as a whole.

Highly recommend Dr. Moody, Dr. Moody is great! She fully listens, asks questions, and answers all questions confidently and knowledgeable. Would highly recommend her!

Dr. Moody provided excellent care and her course of treatment helped to manage my symptoms and get me back to feeling well and productive.

Dr. Moody has been the best doctor I have ever seen. I am in the process of getting diagnosed with endometriosis, so I have been in and out of many different dr. offices for a while and each one was about 5 minutes of talking about my symptoms and trying to make them understand what I’m going through…in 5 minutes. I was in Dr. Moody’s office for over an hour, she went so in depth with me to really understand what I was going through. She really wanted to make sure I was getting the proper treatment to help me get through until my surgery. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking help.

Dr. Moody has been a wonderful help to the pelvic pain that I’ve had for the last ten years.

excellent, informative, very helpful, a great experience. i felt listened to, heard, and like we’ve hit upon the correct treatment plan

Dr. Moody was fantastic in every way. She was both professional and personable with very clear instructions. Also, the staff was outstanding as everyone took their time with you.

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction/Pudendal Nerve Irritation, Both Dr. Kapadia and Dr. Moody provided excellent care. I dealt with extreme symptoms of urinary frequency/urgency, pain with bowel movements, and extreme nerve pain for three months. I visited countless doctors, specialists, and emergency rooms trying to get a diagnosis. After finally finding PRM, they got me in for a consultation within a week. I immediately felt relieved because they knew exactly how to treat my pelvic floor dysfunction. They had a comprehensive, well-rounded treatment approach. After only three months of treatment, as well as pelvic floor physical therapy, I have made a complete recovery and finally feel like myself again. I can’t thank Dr. Moody enough for her attentive care and treatment methods. Without PRM, I truly believe I still would not have an answer for my symptoms. HIGHLY recommend!

I would highly recommend this practice to anyone who needs good quality treatment and doctors who understand and are passionate about giving the best possible treatment to get you back to being you again. I am a success story because of the excellent care I received.

she was just very kind, understanding, & very thorough in caring for me & my needs.

I’m terrified of medical procedures. Dr. Moody made this experience as good as it could be. I’m grateful. Dr. Moody was a calming presence in an area that causes me a significant amount of anxiety. She explained, took time to go slow, and was helpful in thinking through treatment options. The 6 weeks went faster and way better than I had originally anticipated and I’m grateful for the care Dr. Moody provided.

Very helpful and informative. This was very helpful – the referral for pelvic PT was great!

Excellent, great listening skills, had a wonderful experience with her. She made sure to be thorough about my treatment and also provided new information that could be beneficial to me. She does not rush through appointments which is great. Really enjoyed her.

I finally found a doctor who doesn’t ignore what I was feeling. I feel like Dr. Moody is so empathetic and understanding every visit. I could not have found a better doctor to help me and to finally give me some answers on my diagnosis. I could not be more grateful.

excellent, great listener and really knew her stuff.

Exceptional doctor and practice, Dr. Moody was very personable and addressed all my concerns and questions.

Very good care and attention to what is going on. She is personable, friendly, attentive and I like her!

Dr. Moody has continually gone above and beyond to help me with my endometriosis flare. I am so grateful for her assistance as well as the assistance of the entire office staff.