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She is skilled and kind and has a wonderful bedside manner. Her office staff is wonderful and the office setting is pleasant and serene like a spa. Most of all, Dr. Shrikhande has almost entirely resolved my year-long inexplicable pain!

She listened well and explained as needed

Before seeing Dr. Shrikhande I was in almost constant pain and was very limited on activities I could do. Most days I couldn’t wait to go to sleep, often with prescription sleep medicine. I have significantly improved and even have periods of time where I feel almost no pain. I’m slowly working to increase my activities and hope to get back to an active lifestyle. I rarely need sleep medication. Dr. Shrikhande has changed my life!

Dr. Shrikande is the first person who is interested in the full picture and source of my 45 years of pain. She won’t give up and has fantastic referrals. Her bedside manner is wonderful…and so is her caring and helpful staff.

a positive experience with a skilled, caring doctor who you know wants to help you as the unique person you are.

Dr. Shikande is a wonderful diagnostician. She has helped me significantly! I would highly recommend her!

Dr. Shrikhande is consistently a great listener and always demonstrates and eagerness to address all my concerns.

She has been there from the very beginning of this long and difficult medical journey of mine always there to listen, see me immediately and direct me to other specialists, determined to get to the bottom of my condition and heal me once and for all.

It’s just a shame that there are so many people out there that I guess aren’t educated in this area, so many medical professionals. And it just feels like this is something that’s not talked about. I mean, it’s not a really comfortable subject to talk about. This isn’t in your head. It is real and there are people out there that can help. Watch the full video patient testimonial.

Dr. S was very willing to listen to my current symptoms and problem solve. She was eager to get me feeling more comfortable. She was training another Dr. and was very thorough and gave great explanations.

I wasn’t sure how treatment could help or that I even had an issue until I realized I had been living with pain. After seeing Dr. Shrikanke I understand that what I was feeling is real and it can be treated. She referred to me a fantastic PT and after working wither for a few months I feel so much better.

thus far my experience has been unfamiliar yet enlightening. i can’t imagine finding another Dr. as well versed in the pelvis region. i like her approach to my issue and how she wants to heal w/o the use of drugs if possible. i really trust and respect her professional opinion.

Dr. Shrikhande is always providing best practice. She really listens and is a gem in the pelvic health community.

Great listener, spends as much time with you as you need and walks through treatment options clearly!

dr. shrikhande is the best. she listens, treats holistically and cares about her patients. i would recommend her to anyone looking for a pelvic expert!

I was referred by a urologist for chronic intermittent left testicular pain resulting from a vasectomy that was performed in 2002. I have had many kinds of treatments over the past 17 years, and this has been by far the most effective. Patients who have “post vasectomy pain syndrome” should consider Dr. Shrikhande’s treatments.

Kind and attentive and thorough/sees the big picture

I had various issues with my pelvis from pelvic radiation. Dr. Shrikhande gave me treatments to relieve the pain which was great. She also spent time with me to find the source of the pain. Dr. Shrikhande referred me to two different doctors to help determine various issues like spine and torn ligaments. I know I can always come back and be treated with knowledge and care when necessary. I can’t tell you how Dr. Shrikhande changed my life after a long struggle with cancer and the lasting effects.

Dr. Shrikhande was so helpful with my post partum issues- was so great to have someone try and fix the problems I was having and work with me on a clear path solution

Excellent bedside demeanor and takes time to explain concepts and make sure patient is on-board with course of treatment.

Dr. Shrikhande’s compassion and thoroughness is unparalleled in this field. After a decade of being dismissed and invalidated for my condition by other doctors, she was able to diagnose my complex case and give me an individualized protocol for healing that has given me my life back. She uses a holistic approach that has led me to other knowledgeable specialists who have collaborated in bringing me back to wholeness. Despite the emotional difficulty of going through my treatments, I always felt supported by her and everyone who worked in the office–assistants and front desk managers, alike. She and her office come highly recommended.

After struggling to receive a diagnosis for 2 long years of pain flare ups that would often leave me in the hospital, I finally found Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine. Dr. Shrikhande is one of the most intelligent doctors I’ve had the chance to work with- her knowledge of the many systems that influence and innervate the pelvic floor has enabled me to take charge of my own health, and get back to living a quality life. If you are struggling with pelvic pain of any kind- get seen by the best (and get better) at Pelvic Rehab Medicine

I had fairly consistent, sharp pain that effected my day-to-day activities and work. It also created a fair amount of anxiety around what was wrong with me. She was so kind and responsive about my issues. While it took six months, I’m finally in a place where I feel close to 100% better and also have a firm understanding of what I need to do to stay well. I can’t thank her and her team enough.

Dr. Shrikhande truly changed my life – the first doctor to accurately diagnose me, understand all of the different components that were adding to my pain, and ultimately listen to me. I feel lucky to have seen her and will never forget the care she gave me. If you are dealing with any sort of pelvic floor issues, please come to Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine. They understand this complex issue and give all patients – no matter how much pain they’re in – a safe haven + answers.

I came to pelvic rehabilitation medicine after struggling with pelvic floor dysfunction for over 12 years. the injections, counseling and overall management my individual case – has helped decrease my symptoms 75 percent. i am very pleased with the care i have received.

Dr. Shrikhande has gone above and beyond in helping me navigate a very complicated medical situation. Her expertise, professionalism and compassion have been outstanding. All of the staff at Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine have been kind, considerate and helpful. I recommend this practice to anyone who needs this kind of care.

Dr. Shrikhande is kind and helpful in every visit I have had. She is easy to understand as well as warm and compassionate. I always feel hopeful after seeing her.

Dr. Shrikhande was the first doctor to really take the time to listen to me. She really cares

Dr. Shrikhande is both a skilled and caring practitioner. I have nothing but great things to say about her knowledge and understanding of women’s health, her excellent recommendations and referrals for related issues, and her compassion and empathy.

Dr. Shrikhande was lovely and very caring in her diagnosis. While it’s something I’m still working through, I know she’s a true partner in helping me get better.

Each visit was professional and consisted of a complete understanding of my previous struggles and commitment to help to reduce my pelvic pain. I would recommend this treatment to anyone experiencing chronic pelvic pain.

I am beyond happy with my experience at pelvic rehabilitation medicine and with Dr Shrikhande. She has been wonderful from start to finish in my journey to recovery. She explains everything and guided me through my recovery. She has amazing patience and a wonderful bed side matter. She really made me feel comfortable in the office and is very gentle and kind hearted.

Dr. Shrikhande has been the missing link I’ve been looking for. Her straight forward procedural plan and welcoming office atmosphere made getting care so much easier. She listens and gives you options as to get relief. Dr. Shrkhande and Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine give me hope.

Dr. Shrikhande is obviously very talented and has explored medical arenas that her peers don’t. I went through a number of doctors to get an appropriate diagnosis and she was very good about getting to the bottom of some of my problems and referring out to a team of doctors she works with closely to further piece together my issues. She has a great bedside manner and communicates well with other doctors.

Dr. Shrikhande is a godsend! I came to her 6mo. ago following my first initial “flair.” She spent 1 hour with me during my consultation listening to my complex history & explaining my diagnosis. It was understood this wouldn’t be an overnight fix but for the first time, there was hope! I was diagnosed with pelvic floor dysfunction, nerves that were improperly “off firing,” possibly endometriosis, a Tarlov cyst, among other things. Treatment has been a combination of injection…

Dr. Shrikhande is the perfect combination of knowledge and understanding. I’m so glad I found her.

The headline says it all. Dr. Shrikhande guidance has helped me understand the complexity of my situation but yet she handles with a simplicity which clearly exhibits her experience in the field. Pelvic rehab is a process and she has a team that understands the what it takes to progress to feeling better. I would recommend her and her team if you need direct answers. 100%.

The visits did take time and required PT and follow-up, but it has been so worth it. I’d given up hope regarding my condition but I am now nearly back to normal function. I am so grateful to Dr. Shrikhande for her expertise and kindness.

I had a very easy time making this appointment, Dr. Shrikhande was very helpful and easy to understand. The office staff was so wonderful and nice. I was able to start treatment today! Thank you.

During my first visit, Dr. Shrikhande listened to my frustrations and pelvic issues intently and actively, which was extremely refreshing after visiting many other doctors previously. She took the time to explain why I might be feeling pain, what could be done to remedy it and referrals to the right specialists. Working with Dr. Shrikhande helped alleviate my pain and overall made me a healthier and happier human.

Understanding the pelvic floor muscle is difficult. There are many factors that can affect your health in general. I am happy that I went to Allyson and learned more about my pelvic floor health. I did not find the lidocaine injection treatment effective and not sure it was necessary, but what I found more valuable was her expertise and knowledge about various treatment options, physical therapists, techniques focusing on the pelvic floor.

Had a great experience with Dr. Shrikhande. When I felt hopeless about ever feeling better – her expertise and overall care was excellent.

I saw many different doctors before I found Dr. Hill. After over a year of misdiagnosis, Dr. Hill finally put me on the right track towards healing. It’s not a fast route to recovery but Dr. Hill was with me every step of the way and I can’t thank her enough.

Dr. Shrikhande has changed my life. The combination of all the things that she had me do has improved my quality of life. Dr. Shrikhande is an expert in her field. In addition, she is kind, brilliant, patient and has a wonderful bedside manner. I would recommend her to anyone who has a problem like mine.

Dr. Shrikhande is a great doctor. Incisive and brilliant in her approach and presentation. She is extremely knowledgeable in her field, a brilliant specialist. Discerning and thorough in her diagnosis. Peremptory in presenting a course of treatment and sensitive to my concerns. This is a doctor passionate about her patients and her work. she made me feel less alone.

I found Dr. Shrikhande to be very knowledgeable and caring. She took the time need to explain my condition and the procedure needed to reach a resolution. When I first saw her I was in severe pain that she could barely examine me. After several treatments, I could feel that I have really turned a corner and now I can say I have some relief. I will say that you may feel her treatment plan is a little aggressive but trust me it’s what you’ll need to reach your goal of a pain-free existence.

I have been to many physicians who could not treat my pain because it was out of their realm. Dr. Shrikhande is THE expert on pelvic pain treatment. She has helped me to reduce my pain greatly and provided further guidance on what to do post-treatment.

Dr. Shrikhande and her staff were always caring and supportive. From my very first visit, I knew I was in the right place and that there was hope for me.

Feel like for the first time I am on the path to recovery. She’s a great resource and provider.

Great hard working staff. They are an excellent team.

Doctor Shrikhande diagnosed and solved all my issues as promised. highly recommend her to anyone with pelvic issues!

The treatments were life-changing following a tough recovery from surgery that left me with several complications. When I started with Dr. Shrikhande, I had pain and sensitivity to even the lightest touch, so I was quite nervous about any treatment. However, the treatments were expertly administered with the slightest pain possible and the bedside manor was excellent. I no longer have day-to-day pain and my overall state is significantly improved. Very helpful and very thankful!

The injections really seemed to help relax my pelvic floor muscles and bring blood flow back into the areas. My physical therapist noticed the difference, and I felt it. Especially helped with bowel movements, urgency, and bringing some relief to my pelvic floor pain.

Staff is great and accommodating. Dr. Shrikhande is so kind and compassionate and knowledgeable. She takes the time to walk through entire process. By far, the best doctor I have encountered.

Dr. Shrihkande is attentive and fantastic. She has been an incredible help throughout this process. I am very grateful.

Dr. Shrikhande is obviously very talented and has explored medical arenas that her peers don’t. I went through a number of doctors to get an appropriate diagnosis and she was very good about getting to the bottom of some of my problems and referring out to a team of doctors she works with closely to further piece together my issues. She has a great bedside manner and communicates well with other doctors.

All three doctors at Pelvic Rehabilitation are at the top of their field! They are so knowledgeable and skilled, they were able to help me when other doctors said my condition was irreversible. They practice in an office that is a calm and soothing, which perfectly matches their bedside manner. It’s obvious that their main concern is the health and well being of their patients.

I highly recommend Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine for anyone dealing with chronic pelvic pain. Dr. Shrikhande and her team are experts in the field, and they will refer you to excellent physical therapists and obgyns if necessary. All three doctors really care about their patients, as do the nurses. Also, its the only office I’ve ever been to with heating pads on the exam table.

I met Dr. Shrikhande through a mutual friend. She was wonderful and kind and warm. And this field is so dominated with males, and it was just so nice to have females to come to, and it was just a different atmosphere. The injections that she did, like, doing it how she did it and following her plan, finally, now, I’m feeling like my old self. Watch the full video patient testimonial. 

Although it didn’t totally fix the problem, it significantly reduced the amount of chronic pain I feel and with physical therapy has given me my life back.

Dr. Shrikhande is a compassionate, personable, and extremely effective life saver. Those characteristics lend enormous support to what can be a painful journey of pelvic rehabilitation. The idea of healing seems more appropriate than rehabilitation in her practice. There is a consciousness of patient care from the moment you enter. This feeling resonates from her patient interaction and permeates through to the entire staff and office environment. Beyond her healing capabilities, her dedication to interacting with and utilizing the skills of practitioners in associated practices truly creates teamwork that in ways is customized to your case. Her deep understanding of the latest techniques and research further elevates her amazing practice. It was a gift to find her.

I found Dr. Shikande’s staff to be extremely nice and accommodating. I would call before appointments and they would tell me if she was running late or on time to make the best use of my time. The office is brand new and extremely clean. Visits run efficiently. The process is a long process, however, Dr. Shikande’s program was effective for me.

Doctor was very kind and understanding. I felt comfortable with her and paid a lot more money for her expertise. Also, she was outstanding at answering my calls and questions throughout my therapy so far.

Dr. Shrikhande is empathetic and comforting. She listens to everything you say and makes you feel like you are with a friend rather than just a doctor.

When getting trigger point injections I always felt comfortable and no pain at all after. I fell the trigger point injections helped with my overall recovery.

The diagnosis was explained and reasons for the recommended procedures outlined. The procedures were made as comfortable as possible and Dr. S and her nurses bedside manner is incredible. Appointments are timely and setting is comfortable. Dr. S is warm, patient, and thorough. She took the time to answer all my questions and expressed care and empathy in a way that isn’t common today.

Dr. Shrikhande is a very understanding and efficient professional. She has been very helpful in giving and recommending the best treatment that has made a great difference in the level of my pain.

The staff and Dr. Shrikhande really take the time to listen and explain everything.

Dr. Shrikhande is an excellent doctor, who ensures you receive complete care for your illness and also the continuum of care by referring you to other caregivers and following up on your progress. She is caring and patient, whilst ensuring that you receive the desired outcome required.

Excellent visit as always. Dr. Shrikhande was thorough, approachable and easy to talk to. Michaela at the front desk was great too.

I appreciate the way Dr. Shrikande explains exactly what she is doing and why. She has amazing empathy and helped to make me feel like there were options – despite when i first saw her i felt that other doctors told me this was just how it was to age 🙁

The injections were relatively painless and I was at work the same day. They helped to relieve my symptoms.

Both the injections and the valium suppositories Dr. Shrikhande prescribed seemed to help my condition, and after several months I have made an almost complete recovery.

Injections were much easier than I expected. Dr. Shrikande was so comforting and explained every step to make me feel at ease.

Dr. Shrikande has a wonderful bedside manner and is very knowledgeable. She has helped me relieve my pain in a more holistic way. The pelvic area is a very sensitive area but she helped me feel comfortable.

Dr. Shrikande is such a great listener, and strategizer. I feel like I’m in great hands and have a good plan going forward. Hope springs eternal!

Lovely staff and doctors– kind and informative.

Everything went well. Dr. Shrikhande is very informative and thorough. The entire staff is wonderful. The waiting room water is lovely.

This is a humiliating treatment due to exposure of private areas and awkward positions, however, Dr. Shrikande was very respectful of my concerns and vanity. 😉

After the six months of trying to determine the cause of my pain, a patient recommended i see Dr. Shrikhande, who quickly and effectively determined the cause of my pain. After undergoing Dr. Shrikhande’s innovative treatment plan, I am now virtually pain free. Dr. Shrikhande is compassionate, and her staff are friendly.

Lidocaine and injections. Hard to know how they directly helped, but combined with yoga and meditation in the last month, there has been improvement.

I love Dr. Shrikande and her approach to my treatment. While being very knowledgeable about pelvic pain, she also has unique perspective, approach that I’ve never encountered before. It’s very refreshing to encounter a doctor that is not very rigid and is open in the way they treat you where combining traditional medicine w/ other approaches is one that she’s open to, encourages and recommends. It’s also been really helpful that she spends time and listens during our appointments.

Dr. Shrikhande’s knowledge and expertise is like no other. She is an amazing doctor who knows how to listen and treat her patients with the best care possible. She is definitely one of the best in her field! I cannot say enough good things!

I did not know what to expect and was extremely scared to receive treatment, but I have to say that doc Shrikhande was extremely reassuring. She took the time to explain everything thoroughly and made sure I understood every step before continuing. I am so happy that I followed through with treatment.

My treatment has been helpful in improving my quality of life. Dr. Shrikhande really takes the time to understand how and where the problem is and is always helpful in giving additional ways to improve my condition.

My experience has been phenomenal, I couldn’t be more satisfied. The new office is fantastic, I only wish more people could find you all!

Dr. Shrikhande has been absolutely wonderful about educating me on the treatments I have received. She is so gentle and kind when giving the injections despite them hurting pretty badly. I have had nothing but an incredible experience since I started treatment with her and her staff. Everyone in this office is so welcoming, comforting, and caring. I couldn’t have asked for more when I decided to pick up my life in Florida to move north for Pelvic Floor Dysfunction treatment.