In chronic pain states, the nervous system is on constant overdrive, this increases the firing rate of nerves and creates an environment where a patient has a heightened sense of awareness of all senses, pain being one of them.  Essentially, a chronic pain state is a system where a patient’s nervous system is stuck on “high” and our goal is to turn down the knob which controls the nervous system.  We do this by breaking the neuro-myofascial feedback loop with temporary peripheral nerve blocks which “reset” the pain loop and create space for the peripheral nerves to flow.

How to Prepare for Peripheral Nerve Block

  • Don’t come on an empty stomach
  • If needed take prescription strength IB 1 hour before treatment
  • Make sure you are hydrated.


What is Peripheral Nerve Block?

dr allyson shrikhande ultrasound with patient

Ultrasound-Guided Peripheral Nerve Blocks are minimally invasive procedures performed quickly and safely in an outpatient center.   A topical numbing cream is prescribed for before the procedure and a prescription strength anti-inflammatory is used after the procedure.
The injection series helps to release the tension around the nerve, as well as reducing the neurogenic inflammation which continues to irritate the nerve. As well as de-sensitize/reset a nerve that is firing too much. The goal of this treatment is to calm down the peripheral nervous system and create space in the pelvis. In addition, the peripheral nerves are temporarily blocked which helps reset them and decrease hypersensitivity.  With the gentle Peripheral Nerve Block technique, space is slowly created in the pelvis allowing the peripheral nerve to flow more freely. The entire procedure is done externally and guided through the use of ultrasound.

What Are The Benefits Of Treatment?

The injection series helps to release the tension around the nerve, as well as reducing the neurogenic inflammation which continues to irritate the nerve. The injections are most successful when performed with trigger point injections and pelvic floor physical therapy. The alternative treatment would be oral medications and physical therapy.

Follow Up Process

Patients are able to carry on with normal daily routines and are able to return to work the same day. Wait to perform heavy exercise until the following day.  Patients are encouraged to do physical therapy the same day but strongly recommended with 7 days. Sexual intercourse is not limited from the injection series. Ice and heat may be needed for the first 24 hours.

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Practice Safety Protocol

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