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A2M-molecules-repairing-arthritis-300x158Regenerative Medicine is applied through the use of A2M or Alpha 2 Macroglobulin injections. A2M molecules exist in your body now. The process and use of injecting these in a concentrated and specific manner act as a “natural” binding agent to treat hip and pelvic inflammation.

What is A2M (Alpha 2 Macroglobulin)?

A2M is a naturally occurring molecule that is already found in your blood. While it is naturally occurring and protective of the human body it is difficult for it to travel to joint or disc space because of its large size and complex nature. The A2M molecule has two binding areas that capture proteases, known as destructive enzymes. After binding with those destructive enzymes the A2M molecules naturally eliminate them through normal body processes.

How does A2M treat pelvic pain?

A2M molecule injections are used in the pelvic/hip area for several reasons. Pain from intercourse, muscle hypertonia, and postpartum pain are a few to name. The main reasons to use A2M injection therapy are:

To reduce or eliminate inflammation and pain
To prevent further breakdown of tissue
To restore hip/pelvic health
To prevent or delay costly or invasive surgeries

How does the A2M injection work?

A2M injection therapy is done in our office at Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine. The therapy can often be done under one hour. Our friendly medical staff will bring you to a treatment room, wherein a comfortable position your blood will be drawn. One of our trained staff with the oversight of a doctor will draw around 160 cc’s of blood from your arm. Your drawn blood is then spun down within our office using a centrifuge for about 20 minutes.

The spinning of your blood helps separate out two different types of plasma, red and yellow. Red plasma is traditionally used in PRP injections which have more inflammatory side effects than A2M. Once the plasma is separated out it goes through an additional filtration process to be able to isolate the yellow plasma. This yellow plasma, several cc’s, will be used to inject a concentrated dose of A2M back into the problem area. If you are suffering pain in several areas we are usually able to treat more than one location.

Patients generally feel no inflammation or pain after the injection. More importantly, they often feel improvement and mobility in the injected area the same day it happens. The time frame of relief can vary based on age, severity and several other factors but it is not uncommon to feel relief for several months or longer when done with proper therapy.

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