One of our OB/GYN and board-certified pelvic pain specialist, Lora Liu, MD, was quoted by Romper about the reasons to have sex after your pregnancy.

She was quoted saying:

1. Your Body Is Ready

The 6-week waiting period after a vaginal delivery is for the vaginal mucosa to heal. Additionally, many women require stitches in the vagina (after an episiotomy or natural tearing), and it takes approximately 6 weeks for those to dissolve. So after about a month and a half, your body is ready when you are to have sex again.





2. It Helps You Feel Like Yourself Again

The changes that your body undergoes during pregnancy are completely normal, but they can have a really serious impact on your self-image and self-esteem. The transition into being a mother is a beautiful thing in many ways, but sexual intimacy after giving birth can help a lot with regaining the feeling that your body still belongs to you.



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