Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine Expands to the West Coast, Filling Healthcare Gap for Pelvic Pain Patients

We are proud to announce the opening of our first West Coast office in Los Angeles, located at 1762 Westwood Blvd Suite 300, Los Angeles, CA 90024. Founded in 2017, Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine is humbled to be the only national organization of pelvic pain specialists who offer a unique and comprehensive ultrasound guided approach to the pelvis – the first of its kind in the country. 

PRM Provides a New Approach to the Treatment of Chronic Pelvic Pain

Since 2017, Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine has provided a modern, functional wellness solution to a health crisis that affects up to 32% of women and 10% of men. Impacting more than 50 million Americans, persistent pelvic pain is often overlooked, untreated, and misguided. 

The key to success is all of it at once. Patients come to PRM after 2-5 surgeries, medications, months, and years of treatments, with minimal sustained relief. At PRM, the pelvic pain specialists have found that an approach where things are done at the same time, not in piecemeal, is the secret sauce. 

At Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine, 70% of our female patients have endometriosis. Many arrive at our clinics with symptoms of endometriosis without a diagnosis or any knowledge of the disease. Our providers are on the “front lines” of educating patients and healthcare providers throughout the country on the disease process. We are beyond thrilled to expand our access to care by offering options for pelvic pain and endometriosis care. 

At PRM, our mission is to decrease the time patients are suffering from pelvic pain symptoms.

Now, the 40 million people (about twice the population of New York) in California can experience the PRM difference – decreased pain, restorative function, and improved quality of life. 

Co-founded by Dr. Allyson Shrikhande, PRM offers a unique in-office, non-operative protocol, which has been proven to help decrease pain and restore function in the pelvis, while decreasing the need for surgery, opioids, and hormonal treatment to resolve pelvic pain and endometriosis symptoms.  

PRM is Expanding Access to Care

At PRM, the mission is to increase access to diagnosis and treatment for patients who have been dismissed and left to suffer in silence for too long – and our expansion allows us to double down on that mission.  

Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine’s comprehensive, ultrasound-guided approach has transformed the lives of countless patients across the nation. With the opening of its Los Angeles office, PRM extends this transformative care to the West Coast, offering hope and relief to individuals seeking solutions for their pelvic pain. 

Patients who wish to stay informed on more information about opening and inquire about consultations can do so on our website.  

Our team looks forward to collaborating with the surgeons and pelvic floor physical therapists in the area to provide a whole-body approach to pain for patients. 

 For media inquiries or to schedule an interview with Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine, please contact Theresa Porcaro at [email protected].