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Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine is happy to announce their partnership with the Research OutSmarts Endometriosis (ROSE) Study to further the research in identifying non-invasive methods to diagnose endometriosis as early as possible. Gautam Shrikhande, MD, the medical director at Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine was quoted in GenomeWeb about the practice participating in this pioneering study. Here’s more at PRM about the ROSE Study.

Feinstein Institute Researchers Develop Noninvasive Endometriosis Diagnostic Assay

Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine, a New York-based medical center, plans on partnering with the Feinstein Institute to actively recruit patients for future studies to assess the potential impact the test might have on patients in the long term. Its medical director, Gautam Shrikhande said that the Feinstein team should examine important patient-related issues, including the severity of endometriosis cases and the patients’ clinical backgrounds He agreed that the test could help inform the patient’s relatives of their likelihoods of developing the disease.

“If [the patient] can tell their sister, daughter, or other female relatives, it can have a significant impact on the suffering generations to come,” he noted.

With the assay being developed by the Feinstein team, a diagnosis can be done in less than three days, according to the researchers. “We’ve developed an assay that can work with 4,000 cells, and isolate just the SFCs that are there, rather than growing them for three weeks,” Metz explained. “We can freeze menstrual fluid in time in a way that doesn’t kill the cells.”

To read the full article from Genome Web please download the article HERE.

ROSE: Research OutSmarts Endo

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Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine has Partnered with Northwell Health's Feinstein Institute to further endometriosis diagnosis. Click to see how you can help the study.

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