Pelvic Pain with Sitting and Intercourse Patient Testimonial Transcript

So my name is Jason. I’m from Montreal. About a year ago, started having pain in my pelvic area. The longer I sat, the more I would feel a discomfort or burning, same thing for walking. And it would also limit my ability to be intimate with my partner because of the discomfort and it sort of lead me to question what was going on. And I saw a few different doctors, nobody could really come up with an answer. And then I just went online and I Googled Pelvic Rehabilitation and up came Doctor Ahmed’s name and her practice.

The staff was extremely friendly upon my first arrival. It’s a very comfortable setting. And, of course, when I met Doctor Ahmed, she really put my mind at ease that this problem is correctable, that with the right treatment and the right health regimens that things could go back to normal or as close to normal as possible. The treatments consisted of injections and they were guided by ultrasound, so Doctor Ahmed was able to target the muscles that were in a contracted state and the source of the pain ultimately. And those injections really helped kind of relax the muscles and enable the discomfort to slowly go away.

I would definitely recommend them. They’ve definitely taken me from a place where I was in a lot of pain to significantly less pain. And I would definitely recommend them to anyone in a similar situation.