Audio: Pelvic Floor Nerve Hydrodissection

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Pelvic Floor Nerve Hydrodissection Video Transcription

Peripheral hydrodissection nerve blocks under ultrasound guidance are a simple day procedure that is not surgery. Patients go back to work the same day. In the nervous system, you have the central nervous system which is the spinal cord and the brain, and then you have the peripheral nervous system which is everything else that comes out of the spinal cord. In the pelvis, there are multiple nerves that come from the lumbosacral plexus to innervate the pelvis.

The goal of the peripheral hydrodissection nerve blocks is to create space in the fascial planes where the peripheral nerves flow, so there’s less restriction and ultimately more blood flow. In addition, the goal is to reset or retrain hyperactive peripheral nerves and also to decrease any inflammation that can occur around these peripheral nerves that all these things contribute to pain in the pelvis.

We treat an array of extremely complex, chronic pain symptoms, and we have a Triplex approach that is extremely safe and minimally invasive and effective.