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Rakhi Vyas, DO

Dr. Rakhi Vyas, D.O. is a skilled physiatrist with a strong background in women’s health and experience treating musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction in both hospital and outpatient settings. She initially received her B.S. in Life Sciences at the New York Institute of Technology before enrolling at the New York College of Osteopathic Medicine in Old Westbury, where she received her doctorate of osteopathic medicine. Dr. Vyas interned at Meadowlands Hospital Medical Center and went on to Temple University Hospital/Moss Rehabilitation for her residency, which she completed in 2018. Dr. Vyas joined the Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine team in 2021.

Pelvic pain conditions are often invisible on the outside, but they can literally wreck lives, keeping people from enjoying basic things that most of us take for granted. Dr. Vyas’s foremost goal is the improvement of bodily function and quality of life for each of her patients. She recognizes that everybody works differently, and the solutions that might be right for one patient may not be for another. Keys to her approach include listening, patience, and persistence in finding the right combination of treatments to help people accomplish goals such as reclaiming bodily autonomy and freeing themselves from chronic pain.

When not practicing medicine, Dr. Vyas enjoys cooking, yoga, reading, pilates, and spending time with her family.

Get To Know Your Doctor

Why did you become a physiatrist?

I’ve seen patients struggle with musculoskeletal and neurological issues who lose independence and the ability to maintain an everyday routine. I am motivated
to be there for my patients on a personal level, not only to help them regain function but also to bring back a sense of normalcy to their lives.


What are the goals of your approach/treatment/program?

It’s very important to treat every patient as an individual – not all issues can or should be handled similarly. I want to listen to their problems and understand what they want to achieve – whether it’s becoming pain-free, physically independent, or getting back to activities they enjoy – and find the right treatments to assist in their journey. Every detail and aspect of a person’s life can be a key piece of the puzzle. I thoroughly look at muscles, bone structure, nerves, and anything else that could help my patient.


What is your favorite part of your job?

I value the opportunity to meet people, listen to their stories, and learn how I can help. Above all, I really love to see people make real progress and know that I was able to play a role in that process.


What’s something you would like people to know about pelvic health?

What’s interesting about pelvic floor health is that it’s not something you can visibly see, so can easily be overlooked. It’s also a private area and there can be embarrassment around talking about it, but it’s a complex structure that can affect so much of a patient’s function and lifestyle. Pelvic floor issues need medical treatment just the same as any physical condition or disorder, and just because you can’t see the problem doesn’t mean there isn’t a solution.

Our Philosophy

At Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine, we look at things differently. We consider the patient as a whole person, and we focus on the pelvic region because it’s the central core of your body. The pelvis is one of the primary regions in your body that helps your muscles, nerves, organs, ligaments and bones work together as a unified organism.

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Practice Safety Protocol

The health and safety of our patients and employees is Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine’s top priority. While remaining open, our Team is strictly adhering to the recommendations offered by the CDC, and our disinfecting policies are meticulously executed in each of our offices. We assure you a healthy, safe environment while bringing you the exceptional healthcare you deserve. 

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