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Jana Scrivani, PsyD

Jana Scrivani, PsyD will be providing online, tele-behavioral health services at Pelvic Rehabilitaiton Medicine.

Dr. Scrivani received her Psy.D. from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey’s Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology. She completed an APA approved internship at Sharp Mesa Vista Hospital in San Diego, where she also completed her postdoctoral training. She currently holds licenses to practice psychology in the state of New York, Florida, Virginia, DC, Maryland,and Michigan

Dr. Jana Scrivani began working in the mental health field at the age of 18, as a Peer Counselor at Rutgers University. Since that time, she has lived all over the country, from New Jersey to California, and Florida. As a clinical psychologist, Dr. Scrivani, is passionately committed to helping her clients be their best possible selves by making meaningful changes in their thoughts and behaviors.

Dr. Scrivani has training in the cognitive-behavioral treatment of anxiety disorders, applied behavior analysis for autism spectrum disorders, and dialectical behavior therapy. She helps people who struggle with Panic Attacks, Social Anxiety, Generalized Anxiety, and Anxiety Related Disorders such as OCD, skin picking, and trichotillomania, to learn to make meaningful changes in their lives and to stop the anxiety spiral.

If you have a busy schedule, young children at home, mobility limitations, or simply prefer to receive therapy in the privacy and comfort of your home, she will be there for you!  Together, we will make changes to your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, using cognitive behavioral, and mindfulness-based approaches that are supported by scientific research.

What Is Your Point Of View On Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

In a nutshell, it’s about empowerment!  More specifically, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT, is about applying scientific principles to make meaningful changes in people’s lives.  In CBT the client and therapist collaborate on goals that are important to the client and work towards making changes in the way they think, and the way they act in the here and now, in order to reach those goals.

Why Is CBT So Important To You?

I have been a CBT therapist since the beginning of my career; there are many reasons why this particular treatment modality is important to me.  With the focus on the here and now, it acknowledges that while we can’t change the past, the future is not yet written, and within one’s power to change.  I have a favorite quote from Viktor Frankl that really sums it up – “Between stimulus and response there is space.  In that space is our power to choose our response.  In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”  We cannot change the past or control every aspect of our futures, but we can change how we respond to those things, and that is incredibly empowering.

Get To Know Your Doctor

Why did you become a doctor?

I grew up in the nineties, when the stigma surrounding mental health and mental health treatment was even greater than it is now.  Once I got to college, I knew that I wanted to major in psychology, but I wasn’t exactly sure how I wanted to use my degree.  I joined a peer counseling organization, and that was it. I saw first hand how powerful it was to just sit with someone who was in pain and listen.  From that point forward, I knew I wanted to be a clinical psychologist.


What is your approach to medicine?

While I’m not a psychiatrist, I often work collaboratively with psychiatrists and other prescribing physicians.  If I believe that an evaluation for medication would be helpful, I initiate that discussion with my client, and we work together in order to make that decision, and to find the right doctor to work with.


How would you define patient care?

I view the psychologist/client relationship as a collaborative relationship whereby we each make a commitment to work together in order to achieve the client’s goals.  While I have expertise in cognitive behavioral therapy, and psychological treatment, clients have the expertise in their lived experience.  To me, client care means bringing both of those things together, in a non-judgmental environment, within the therapeutic relationship.


Do you do any non-profit or philanthropic work?

I have given talks to various organizations on a wide variety of topics, from sleep to suicide prevention.  I’m also a member of a variety of groups that provide free peer consultation.



Dr. Scrivani received her Psy.D. from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey’s Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology. She completed an APA approved internship at Sharp Mesa Vista Hospital in San Diego, where she also completed her postdoctoral training.


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At Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine, we look at things differently. We consider the patient as a whole person, and we focus on the pelvic region because it’s the central core of your body. The pelvis is one of the primary regions in your body that helps your muscles, nerves, organs, ligaments and bones work together as a unified organism.

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