Learn About Office Openings in Los Angeles, CA, and Falls Church, VA

At Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine, our mission is to decrease the time patients are suffering from pelvic pain symptoms. We believe that access to care should be available to every patient, and that the cost of comprehensive care should not be a burden for those seeking diagnosis and treatment that ensures a full and complete, pain-free life. 

PRM is proud to announce the expansion of patient access to our unique treatment in both the Greater DC area and our first location serving the West Coast in Los Angeles in the summer of 2023.  

Our unique outpatient, office-based,  ultrasound guided approach to the pelvis is the first of its kind in the country. Our team focuses on diagnosing and treating chronic pelvic pain in women and men with a procedure that is safe, effective, and more comfortable than what has been offered by pelvic pain providers in the past. Patients go on with their day with no down time. Our unique procedural approach, combined with our providers focusing solely on quarterbacking the care for pelvic pain patients in an interdisciplinary fashion has been the key to our success. 

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We are heading west to california

Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine is pleased to announce the opening of our first West Coast office in Los Angeles, CA  in June of 2023. Being the first pelvic pain specialist in the LA area offering a multi-modal approach to pelvic pain, PRM will provide patients in California with unique multi-modal and ultrasound-guided treatment aimed at helping patients live their best lives.  
Home to some of the best hospitals in the United sates, PRM is proud to be adding their healthcare services to the LA area.  
Stay Tuned for More Information About Our Pelvic Pain Specialists at Our LA Office! 

Patients who wish to stay informed on more information about the opening of our LA office and inquire about consultations can sign up for more information below.

We are expanding our Washington D.C. Footprint

PRM is proud to share with you the expansion of patient access to pelvic pain treatment in the Greater D.C. area, with a new office located in Falls Church, VA. Those suffering with endometriosis in this area will now have access to excision surgery if needed, as Dr. Melissa McHale, MD, Gynecological Surgeon and Endometriosis Excision Specialist, will be joining our practice in July of 2023.  

Additionally, patients experiencing pelvic pain in the Falls Church area will now have access to PRM’s multi-modal approach to pelvic pain treatment, meeting with our pelvic pain specialist Dr. Monica Zirolli, DO. 

Endometriosis Treatment in Washington D.C.

Beginning May 1, 2023, those patients who have, or think they may have endometriosis, looking for an endometriosis consult can submit their information for free case reviews ahead of her schedule opening in July for surgery.    

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Patients who wish to stay informed on more information about openings and inquire about consultations can sign up for more information below.

Learn about Our Falls Church Specialists


Dr. Melissa McHale, MD

Dr. Melissa McHale, MD is a Gynecological Surgeon and Endometriosis Excision Specialist who has extensive robotic surgical experience, including over 400 complex excision of endometriosis cases, sacral neuromodulator implant experience, extensive transvaginal ultrasound diagnostic experience, extensive experience in management of pain, and fertility in endometriosis patients.  

Dr. McHale’s career experience includes working alongside Dr. Andrea Vidale, a world-renowned endometriosis specialist, surgeon, miscarriage specialist, and reproductive immunologist, at Braverman Reproductive Immunology and Endometriosis Surgery.  

As for her surgeries, she takes joy in seeing the enormous improvement that patients make with the right treatment, along with getting personal feedback about their new life after surgery. Dr. McHale understands the difficulties surrounding endometriosis – it’s a complex disease that requires complex and multi-disciplinary treatment. With a goal to decrease the time that patients are suffering, she is glad to be a part of the PRM family of providers that are bringing different honed skills to provide the relief that patients deserve. She is thrilled to be an integral piece of that pathway in the greater DC area. 

Dr. Monica Zirolli

Dr. Monica Zirolli is a physiatrist who is trained in a variety of techniques for helping her patients overcome their symptoms, improve physical function, and become free from chronic pain. Coming from a background as an osteopathic physician with additional experience in women’s health, sexual health, and physical medicine & rehabilitation, Dr. Zirolli has experience implementing methodologies such as peripheral nerve blocks, trigger point injections, osteopathic manipulative treatments, and more. Her treatment philosophy is rooted in empathy, communication, and education – not just dictating prescriptions to her patients, but making sure that they feel confident and empowered to take an active role in deciding their own course of treatment. 
ovulation pain and endometriosis

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We get it. Finding factually accurate information about endometriosis and making decisions about your health is difficult. At PRM, our goal is to provide our patients with the education and confidence to empower them on their journey to healing.  

Schedule a Case Review 

For those patients located in the Greater DC area, Dr. Melissa McHale will be offering FREE case reviews beginning May 1, 2023. You’ll enjoy a 15-minute consultation about your endometriosis journey, discussing your history and symptoms. Dr. McHale will provide information regarding endo excision surgery and her recommendations for surgery (or not) based on your health needs. 

Who should register for a case review?  

If you think you have endometriosis, have been experiencing symptoms relating to endo, and are interested in learning if you are a candidate for surgery. A prior diagnosis of endometriosis is not required.  

Surgery is not always the first answer.  

Please understand that not all patients will be eligible for surgery. Our surgeons are highly skilled in excision surgeries but will only perform a surgery if they feel it will help you on your journey to healing.