My experience was good. Everyone was pleasant.

Dr. Vyas is kind and empathetic. She thought of multiple strategies to minimize my pain.

Dr. Vyas is highly professional and she has an excellent, caring bedside manner. She is knowledgeable, responsive and lovely to deal with. Treating pelvic nerve pain is clearly her calling and her mission. I feel blessed to have found her.

Dr Vyas is a wonderful listener and communicator. She is available when questions pop up, sets expectations appropriately and has a tremendous amount of compassion. The staff in the office is attentive and helpful. I have shared my experience with other doctors who were unable to help me so they can refer their future patients to Pelvic Rehab Medicine and Dr Vyas.

my experience with dr. vyas has been great, she has been helpful throughout my visits, also with the entire staff. everyone is understanding and helpful. i highly recommend them.

Dr Vyas is very very nice and appreciate all she is trying to do

Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine has been a game-changer for me! Every staff member is kind, caring, and takes the time to get to know you and your concerns. They take you seriously, and help you find solutions and other specialists to help support your goals in a way that is comfortable and sustainable for you and your lifestyle.

PRM has knowledgeable, compassionate, and thorough staff. I enjoy visiting their office and the doctors truly want what’s best for their patients. They have team members on important boards and provide plans that include whole body/mind healing for the best results! Would recommend to all and any with pelvic issues.

best provider I have ever seen

The doctor took her time to explain into detail the diagonsis and therapy needed

Dr Vyas was extremely knowledgable, empathetic and took time to answer all my question and explain her conclusions and treatment plan. I left feeling very hopeful, relieved, and well cared for. Thank you!

very detail oriented, thorough, took the time to listen to me and my concerns.

Hands down the absolute best pelvic specialists around. Dr Liu and Dr Howell are angels on earth. I didn’t think I could live without being in pain every single day, and because of them I am! They are so incredibly knowledgeable and personable. You will not regret taking the time to see them.

I don’t feel hopeless anymore. Dr. Vyas was extremely supportive and answered all of my questions. She made me feel like I can have a life without pain and I’m excited to continue to see her and work through my treatment plan.

I am exactly one week post op and I can’t recommend Dr. Liu enough! I’ve battled with painful periods since I started menstruating at 11 years old. My pain was dismissed year after year. I was told “Just take birth control” and “Painful periods are normal, get used to it. Everyone else has to go through them too.” One OBGYN even alluded to the pain mostly being in my head. That same doctor also told me that he could do the surgery to see if I had endometriosis and if they found anything they would BURN IT OFF. If a doctor ever says that to you – run for the hills!!! Excision is the only way and Dr. Liu is an expert in excision surgery. She is so patient and willing to listen to any concerns you have no matter how big or small. The last couple months before the surgery really took the cake. I was spotting way before and way after my period. My last period not including the spotting was 11 days long. I was also in pain almost every single day of the month – especially on my period and when I was ovulating. Along with painful periods I’ve also had painful bowel movements, sensitivity to almost anything I ate, pain during intercourse, and frequent urination. When I had my consolation with Dr. Liu she did a transvaginal ultrasound on the spot! She found a 5cm Endometrioma on my right ovary with the possibility of another cyst. I couldn’t bare to have another month of pain every single day, so I talked with her lovely surgery coordinator Janisie and was able to get my surgery booked two weeks out! Dr. Liu performed the surgery with Dr. Larish who is a very skilled Urological Surgeon. This was my first major surgery so I was very nervous but excited to feel better. The whole staff at the Jersey City Medical Center made me feel safe and I knew everything was going to be okay. The discomfort from the surgery was nothing compared to the long years of pain and torment I went through with endometriosis. I was more sore than anything. After the surgery I was told I had a very difficult case. It was all over my bowels, bladder, rectum, etc – but they got it all. 🙂 After the surgery Dr. Liu called me for days after to check on me. I felt so taken care of and I hope that anybody reading this will go see her because she honestly changed my life.


The facility and all personnel are polite and courtesy. Dr. Mamsaang is very delightful, knowledgeable, informative and always explains things in layman’s terms and listens to all your concerns. My only wish is that they have an office closer to where I live. . Would highly recommend them to any one without hesitation. Thanks you all for your kindness, patience and understanding

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Super knowledgeable, professional doctor, I hae been struggling with pelvic floor pain for many years and Dr Ahmed is the first doctor that was able to really help me. She is super knowledgeable and very professional. When something was out of her area of expertise she made appropriate referrals to the right specialists who could help. The office runs very smoothly and everyone is so kind.

She is so incredibly nice and thoughtful. Took the time to really understand my situation. She even remembered my last visit from over 6 months ago. I feel confident in next steps and with the care I was given.

As soon as I finished my new patient appointment with Dr. Ahmed, I knew I was in the right place. As an endometriosis patient, I felt and know that the mission of Pelvic Rehab Medicine is top of the line and is seen each member of its staff. The attention, quick response, and aggressive nature with which they treat pain and disease, is exactly what is missing from specialized gynecology and the general medical complex in the US. I was medically validated in all senses by the team at PRM. Despite insurance issues, they make their appointments, treatments, and surgeries as affordable and accessible as possible. If you are suffering from any pelvic issue, the only place I trust and recommend is Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine!

Took me from a situation where I felt aweful with no hope to the exact opposite in a short amount of time. Couldn’t be happier!

it has been very helpful, and she has helped me heal to a place i never thought i would get to