We’re working to end pelvic pain suffering. Together.

Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine is a leader in the field of Pelvic Pain and Pelvic Pain Related Conditions. Our team of specialists, office staff, and leadership are deeply committed to our patients and creating an environment of healing and well-being for their recovery. Everyday we work to create a workplace experience that serves our patients end need, to no longer be in pain. Our approach also takes seriously the idea that the body is only one aspect of who we are. We are also our emotions, our minds and thoughts, our social environment, our stresses, our joys – and so much more. Every part of who we are becomes part of how healthy we are, or aren’t.

As a leader, we are are motivated to grow to be able to help even more patients. We are looking for motivated, passionate team-players to join our growing specialty practices throughout the United States. With growth comes opportunity.

Exciting challenges lie ahead – new locations, new specialties, and new growth.
Guided by our core approach and values, we’ll meet these challenges together.
Join us!

What Our Staff Has to Say

The best part of working for PRM is how my superiors make me feel. They make me feel valued, like I have a lot to bring to the table for the company to expand. I feel a sense of welcoming and belonging and it’s a place where they are understanding and caring.

I love the passion that the company has for everyone and how fast you can advance with the company. They always come up with the best ideas for the company and we are still growing and expanding.

I’m looking forward to growing with the business
so I can use the skills I’ve attained to help maintain and grow the practices.

In all my 9 years of working as an MA, I have never seen a medical practice that cares more about their patients than PRM. Patients come in with tears and leave with an assurance that everything humanly possible will be done to help them, which in turn makes me so proud to be a member of the PRM team.

Current Employment Opportunities