Dr. Allyson Shrikhande had a blog published in Rosy discussing Pelvic Pain Gender Affirmation Surgery.


What is gender affirmation surgery?

Gender affirmation surgery is a surgery for transgender individuals with a goal of alleviating gender dysphoria by providing the physical appearance and functional abilities which match their inner self. While this is a medically necessary procedure for many who are trans, it also significantly changes the anatomy of the pelvic region and can cause pain and a range of other side effects. It is typical to feel some pain or discomfort immediately after major surgery, but pain that does not subside or even worsens over time is not normal and should be treated.

How can gender affirmation surgery affect the pelvic floor?

Bottom surgery can have a major impact on the structures of the pelvic floor. Invasive surgery and other trauma to the area can cause the pelvic floor muscles to shorten, resulting in weakness and spasticity. Surgery can also cause the formation of scar tissue and pelvic adhesions which may affect blood flow and exacerbate pain.

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