Vulvar Pain | Pelvic Pain What Is Vulvodynia

Vulvodynia describes a condition of chronic pain, irritation, or discomfort in the area around the vaginal opening. Dr. Neha James explains more.

Posted on April 18 2023
Pelvic Health | Female Pelvic Health | Vulvar Pain Vulvar Pain (Vulvodynia) Video

Audio: Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Vulvar Pain (Vulvodynia) Video Transcription Vulvodynia is vulvar pain. For vulvodynia to be labeled chronic, it has to be going on for over six months. Symptoms of vulvodynia include a sensation of throbbing or burning, or some patients say a rawness in the area, that can be heightened with intercourse specifically, […]

Posted on March 8 2018
Female Pelvic Health | Vulvar Pain Vulvar Pain, Don’t Suffer in Silence

Around 16 percent of the female population suffers silently with vulvar pain, yet there are some treatment options that provide efficacy and relief. A challenge of treating vulvar pain or vulvodynia is that patients are embarrassed to report their issue to providers — and it may also be difficult to convey and track symptoms of […]

Posted on January 24 2018