Podcasts | Melanie Howell, DO Pelvic Pain Interview with expert physiatrist, Dr. Melanie Howell

Here is a description of that show: Meet Dr. Melanie Howell, a board certified physiatrist practicing in the area of pelvic health. Dr. Howell shares why she began practicing this specialty, what a physiatrist is, as well as some treatment interventions she utilizes for chronic pelvic pain. Dr. Howell can be found at www.pelvicrehabilitation.com under […]

Posted on September 29 2020
Podcasts | Melanie Howell, DO Ep 9: Holistic Treatment for Every Pelvis

Here is a description of that show: In this episode, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Dr. Melanie Howell, a pelvic pain specialist from Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine. We talk about a few things including how physiatry is similar and different to physical therapy, common conditions treated, endometriosis, and even male pelvic health. Dr. […]

Posted on September 22 2020