Endometriosis Does Endometriosis Cause Leg Pain?

Endometriosis can cause leg symptoms, such as numbness, tingling, throbbing pain, stabbing pain. Dr. Marjorie Mamsaang explains what endo leg pain is and how to help with it.

Posted on March 23 2023
Endometriosis How Endometriosis Causes Hip Pain

Endometriosis can affect the whole body and can have a widespread area of pain and inflammation - this can include hip pain! Dr. Kimberlee Leishear explains how endo can affect your hips.

Posted on March 20 2023
Endometriosis “Pre-habilitation”: Preparing for Endometriosis Excision Surgery

There are some things you can do prior to endometriosis excision surgery that can help promote an optimal recovery post-operatively. Dr. Marjorie Mamsaang explains our multimodal approach.

Posted on March 15 2023
Endometriosis | Nerve Block Injections | Pelvic Nerve and Muscle Treatments Nerve Block Injections for Endometriosis

One of the treatments we offer at Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine is a series of nerve block injections for pelvic pain relief. This is done in conjunction with trigger point injections, pelvic floor physical therapy, suppository medications, and if indicated, an oral neuromodulator.Dr. Natarajan explains.

Posted on March 13 2023
Endometriosis What Is Bowel Endometriosis?

With bowel endometriosis, tissue grows on the surface of or inside the intestines, on the rectum, or in other parts of the bowel. This can cause many painful symptoms for patients and the diagnosis and treatment can be tricky. Myesha Banks explains.

Posted on March 8 2023
Endometriosis 20 Most Common Symptoms and Signs of Endometriosis

By ALLYSON AUGUSTA SHRIKHANDE, MD, CMO The tricky thing about endometriosis is it has a vast array of symptom presentation! However, at PRM our providers are on the “front lines of Endo” because we treat the pelvic floor nerves and muscles and focus on symptoms associated with intercourse, bladder, and bowel as well as any […]

Posted on January 26 2023
Endometriosis | Charity Hill | Tayyaba Ahmed, DO | Allyson Shrikhande, MD A Novel, Non-Opioid Treatment For Endometriosis Related Symptoms Utilizing Pelvic Floor Musculature Trigger Point Injections and Peripheral Nerve Block

Abigail Bayer−Mertens Human, Charity Hill MD, Tayyaba Ahmed DO, Gautam Shrikhande MD FACS, Allyson Shrikhande MD Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine, New York, NY Objective. Endometriosis is a disorder characterized by the abnormal growth of uterine tissue outside of the uterus. Its symptoms are known to be painful and debilitating to patient functionality. Treatment options for these […]

Posted on September 14 2018
Endometriosis | Charity Hill | Tayyaba Ahmed, DO Chronic Pelvic Pain Endometriosis Video

Chronic Pelvic Pain Endometriosis: Treatment and Relief Options at Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine located in New York City Chronic Pelvic Pain Endometriosis Video Transcription Endometriosis is a chronic inflammatory condition where you have lesions that are like plaques that can grow anywhere in the abdominal cavity. And so typically people say that it grows just on […]

Posted on August 22 2018
Charity Hill | Tayyaba Ahmed, DO | Allyson Shrikhande, MD | Pelvic Health | Endometriosis Pelvic Pain Endometriosis Patient Testimonial

Pelvic Pain Endometriosis Patient Testimonial Transcription Ever since I was younger, I would get stomachaches a lot and have kind of different stomach pain. And it wasn’t terrible. And then when I got to college it got a little bit worse. I would say it would get sometimes like very full after meals and I […]

Posted on July 19 2018
News / Media | Endometriosis | Allyson Shrikhande, MD Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine Partners with Northwell Health

Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine is happy to announce their partnership with the Research OutSmarts Endometriosis (ROSE) Study to further the research in identifying non-invasive methods to diagnose endometriosis as early as possible. Gautam Shrikhande, MD, the medical director at Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine was quoted in GenomeWeb about the practice participating in this pioneering study. Here’s more at PRM about […]

Posted on June 26 2018
Endometriosis | Allyson Shrikhande, MD | News / Media Uncovering the Black Box of Pelvic Pain: Understanding the Role of the Pelvic Floor

Uncovering the Black Box of Pelvic Pain: Understanding the Role of the Pelvic Floor Presented By: Allyson Shrikhande, MD PATIENT AWARENESS DAY 2018: LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE WITH ENDO

Posted on May 23 2018
News / Media | Female Pelvic Health | Endometriosis ROSE Study for Endometriosis Partnership

You Can Help Us Learn More About Endometriosis Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine has partnered with Northwell Health in the Research OutSmarts Endometriosis (ROSE) Study to help discover an early detection test for endometriosis. The research and participant selection is being done through the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research at Northwell Health in partnership with the Endometriosis Foundation of […]

Posted on April 6 2018
Pelvic Health | Female Pelvic Health | Endometriosis Endometriosis Pain Patient Testimonial

The road to relief from endometriosis and its related pain can be long and confusing. Listen to a patients journey over a decade period finding bringing her to a position of comfort. Endometriosis pain can manifest in many different ways, one being chronic pelvic pain and numerous other associated conditions. Video: Endometriosis Pain Patient Testimonial […]

Posted on February 5 2018