A 27 year old Female presented with two years of urinary urgency and frequency keeping her up at night and interrupting her work day and quality of life. Her symptoms started after a urinary tract infection two years prior, repeat urine samples were all negative for infection. She had seen over six other physicians. Her urological work was normal and all her imaging was normal. After two years with this problem, she came to see me for treatment of her pelvic floor muscles. After completion of our protocol in combination with pelvic floor physical therapy she was able to sleep through the night and live a life without running to the bathroom all the time.

A 45 year old male with one year of rectal pain and burning exacerbated with sitting and bowel movements was referred by his colorectal surgeon. He had seen ten other physicians and had multiple studies including MRI, Cat Scans and colonoscopy which were all normal. On presentation, I noticed restricted range of motion in his left hip. He underwent pelvic floor physical therapy directed at releasing the muscles of his pelvic floor and around his left hip in conjunction with our protocol and his symptoms subsided.

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A 20 year old female with one week of an unpleasant and bothersome sensation in her genitals presents to her campus student health center, where she was told she may be hypersexual. She went back the next day and was told by another provider that the sensation was “in her head.” After having symptoms for one week and no answers, she found Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine on the internet. After our consultation, she was started on pelvic floor physical therapy, nerve medications and our treatment protocol. After 6 weeks of treatment, her symptoms fully resolved and she was able to start her dream job.

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A 17-year-old female with pain with intercourse was referred by her pelvic floor physical therapist. She was diagnosed with vaginismus by her OB/GYN when she was examined for a routine speculum exam. She completed a course of pelvic floor physical therapy and was taught how to use a dilator. The patient continued to have pain with intercourse. She was seen in our office and started on muscle relaxant suppositories to relax the pelvic floor and our treatment protocol. She is now able to have painless intercourse.

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A 45-year-old female presented to Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine with a history of metatarsal surgery after a dancing injury. The patient was given opioids postoperatively to treat her pain. The patient developed constipation secondary to the opioids which resulted in the hemorrhoids. She had on and off hemorrhoids for 2 years before she sought treatment for her rectal pain. She had her hemorrhoids resected and continues to have chronic constipation, urinary frequency and pain with intercourse when she presented to PRM. After a starting pelvic floor physical therapy and completing our treatment protocol she is now having daily bowel movements, learned the appropriate ways to defecate to avoid hemorrhoids, and having painless intercourse.

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A 32 year old female presented after endometriosis excision surgery with continued pelvic pain. She had constant low back pain, pain with intercourse, constipation and pain with bowel movements. She was having difficulty functioning both at work and at home. She had pelvic pain for over five years prior to surgery. We discussed that although the endometriosis was removed her muscles remained tense and painful and her nervous system remained upregulated and sensitized to pain as her “normal” state. She worked with pelvic floor physical therapists and underwent our protocol and after several months was not having any low back pain, having pain free intercourse, her constipation resolved and she was having bowel movements without pain.

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A 26-year-old female with symptoms of recurrent tingling in her clitoris and an extremely disturbing sensation of heightened sexual arousal constantly throughout the day to the point where she could not focus on any of her tasks and she could not function as a mother or wife. This had gone on for one year and the disturbing sensation was not relieved with orgasm. After seeing over ten physicians and not getting any answers she was becoming desperate. After our consultation, I ordered an MR neurography of her pelvis which showed scarring around ligaments in her pelvis which was irritating her pudendal nerve. She completed our protocol in combination with pelvic floor physical therapy and her symptoms resolved.

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A 55-year-old male with a history of pain when he sits for long periods of time presents to our office. His career requires he sit for 10-12 hours a day. He had tried pelvic floor physical therapy which gave some short-term relief. He was referred by his pelvic floor physical therapist for our treatment protocol to help jumpstart his progress. After consultation, it was discovered he also has pain with intercourse, including difficulty with erection and weak ejaculation. He was seen by his urologist who cleared him for any urological conditions. The patient was started on our treatment protocol and after he completed 6 weeks, he now has no pain despite sitting for long periods of time. The patient also has the knowledge and tools to deal with this pain if his symptoms return.

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A 35-year-old female came our office with complaints of urinary incontinence after delivering her daughter 6 months ago. She was under the impression it was normal to have a little bit of urine leak when she ran or incorporated any jumping into her exercise routine. She also complained that intercourse was not pleasurable and was told it usually isn’t for months after childbirth. She was sent for pelvic floor physical therapy where she made improvements but did not fully return to her baseline. We started our treatment protocol and she was able to have pain free intercourse and participate in jumping exercises without leaking.

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